Vicki Gunvalson’s Love Tank Is Officially Empty Again; Lauri Peterson Talks Fake Friendships On Real Housewives Of Orange County!


A few weeks ago Brooks Ayers tried to seek some attention and con Vicki Gunvalson back into loving him by spilling deets of their break-up on twitter. Vicki never actually confirmed or denied the relationship ending… until now!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star admits that her "love tank is empty" once again! “I‘m single now," Vicki reveals to RadarOnline. "We have decided to remain friends but we have decided to move on and date other people.”

Perhaps Vicki's decision to end things with Brooks came after her business partner planned to sue her over one of Brooks' grifting schemes! “We came to the realization that it was harder to stay together than it was to be apart,” VIcki says of their relationship ending. 


Fear not Brooks, I'm sure someone else in the OC is looking for shallow affirmations and a deadbeat man. Try calling Gretchen maybe… 

Speaking of disingenuous people, Lauri Peterson is discussing her experiences returning to RHOC and the state of her friendships. "My relationship is good with most of the women. I haven't had any major issues with the exception of Vicki," Lauri revealed to Us Weekly. 

Lauri admits that her relationships on the show are pretty much fake, as well. "I don't know if I would qualify any of my relationships with any of the women [as] genuine friends."

"I think we enjoy each other at times. I enjoy all of the women individually," Lauri explained. I think that when you bring them into a group, that's difficult. There's bound to be conflict. There's bound to be drama."

Lauri maintains that her decision to reveal details about Vicki's past weren't to disparage Vicki but to set the record straight. "I've known Vicki for a long time. We were in a business relationship that turned into a pretty strong friendship," Lauri describes. "We exchanged things in confidence with each other. I can say that we know everything about each other – at that time." 

"She was very open with me about relationships she was having with other men," Lauri recalls. "I kept it to myself because it didn't affect me. It was her decisions what she does in her marriage; whatever works for them. I wanted to stay out of it." 

Lauri says meeting with Gretchen Rossi and hearing her complain about being "attacked" over cheating allegations from Vicki, made Lauri furious. "I couldn't stand for that," Lauri insists. "That was my boundary." 

"To have somebody be doing something and then criticizing another person for the very same thing, I didn't understand that." Would that be how one defines "hypocrite"? 

As far as returning to the show, Lauri hints: "I'll never say never, but if it's a good opportunity I probably would do that!" 

This is so fake to me! Lauri wanted a reason to get back on the show and harboring dirt on Vicki was her "in". Knowing Gretchen and Vicki were at odds – especially because of the Tamra friendship mess – was the perfect segue. Lauri will so be coming back to this show and next season I imagine we will see Vicki spilling all the dirt Lauri exchanged with HER in confidence. Oh this should be glorious! <Insert evil laugh>. 

You reap what you fameho, ladies; you reap what you fameho! 

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