Joe And Teresa Giudice Hire Separate Attorneys For Fraud Case; Teresa To Plead Not Guilty!

Teresa Giudice Book Signing At Books and Books

Yesterday it was announced that Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Giudice were indicted for 39-counts of federal tax evasion, bank and loan fraud, and bankruptcy fraud among other charges. 

The federal government alleges that the Real Housewives of New Jersey stars intentionally withheld and falsified financial information in order to obtain mortgages they could not afford then they failed to honestly report earned income to the IRS. Then upon filing bankruptcy they lied about income, assets, and potential income. All in all they are in biiiiig trouble, little Jersey! 

It's interesting that despite Teresa being a stay-at-home wife and mother during that time she signed and submitted loan applications claiming she had income and a job.

Another interesting fact: Teresa and Joe have SEPARATE attorneys in the matter. Which is uncommon considering they are a married couple who filed Chapter 7 together and Joe was presumably the sole breadwinner during the timeframe. 


Teresa has retained hotshot New Jersey defense attorney Henry E. Klingeman. While Joe is sticking with his trusty old pal Miles Feinstein, who is also his attorney in his other fraud case. You know the one where he fraudulently obtained a driver's license using his brother's identification. Dang Miles is buying a second home in Cancun off the Juicy dollar! 

So why would the Giudices retain separate counsel? Well according to some legal eagles, generally this is only done when there is a "conflict" between the co-dependants. So let's break this down: Teresa's attorney announced yesterday she will enter a plea of "Not Guilty", Joe's attorney has thus far remained mute. 

Now I'm no Phaedra Parks, but what I imagine is happening is that Teresa will blame Joe for all of this. Not actually blame him, but as a legal ploy claim he is responsible and she had no idea what was going on so that she can hopefully plead down to a fine and probation. 

Joe, it looks like, will not get off the hook. And since Teresa is currently the breadwinner, they have FOUR children, and no doubt Bravo will be offering her a spinoff ASAP to capture all of this, it financially makes sense that Joe take the heat and Teresa try to get off as much as possible. 

Teresa is sticking by Joe, as usual, but her wording is interesting. If you read carefully she is already placing onus on Joe while stating that she will continue as is. She made the following statement in court and repeated that same statement on twitter: 

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.51.51 AM

"The reality is that this type of criminal conduct will not go undetected and individuals who engage in this type of financial fraud should know they will be held accountable," said U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman. Which means the Juicys will not get away with a slap on the wrist. In all likelihood they will not only be liable for a large fine but also for some sort of prison sentence. Aaaaahhh… The Juicys: Live like fools, be rewarded as thus! 

Orange is the new gold lamé baby! Maybe Teresa's next business could be Fabulicious Prison Jumpsuits! Sequins in the slammer. Leopard in lockdown… just an idea! 

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