Well, Lauri Peterson is certainly back with a vengeance on Real Housewives of Orange County, and she's not keeping quiet about her feelings for Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers…and what she feels are their feelings for each other!

While Vicki and Brooks' relationship appears to be as on-and-off as a light switch, Lauri is Waring wary that the couple's recent break-up may not be what it seems.  She is speculating that the pair is using the story of a turbulent love affair to appease family and friends when they are actually quite happy together behind closed doors.

Say what?  A housewife manipulating her relationship status to stay in the spotlight?  Unheard of!


Speaking to Rumor Fix, Lauri reveals that she doesn't believe that Vicki and Brooks have ever broken up despite Vicki saying otherwise to the press.  Vicki's former friend shares, “I think that Brooks and Vicki stay together.  I don’t think that they’ve ever been apart. I feel that she tells people that they’ve been apart because she gets less resistance for that … I think that they’re still together.”

Lauri explains, “I think that [Vicki’s] issues with Brooks probably revolved more around the children picking up on signals that maybe he’s not the right kind of guy for her. I can’t say that it’s because of her love for men. It would take a man that is OK with her being very flirtatious with other men, I guess, but I don’t know if Brooks has a problem with that or not.”  Mee and yow, Lauri!

Discussing her admission that Brooks had dated one of her daughter's friends, Lauri tells the site, “To use the term friend, I used that way too loosely.  It was a former high school classmate of one of our daughters. That’s the one thing I do regret, making it sound like there was an actual friendship.”

She adds, “I just said I did not believe that Brooks would be dating someone that age. I said prove it to me. She sat down and she texted this person and asked ‘Hey are you still seeing Brooks?’  She replied — which I saw the text — ‘Yes.’ Then the family member asked ‘When are you seeing him next?’ She replied, ‘I’m supposed to be with him today, but he went back to visit his family and now I’m broke.’  She said ‘Now I’m broke or now I have no dollars’ — this led me to believe he was maybe giving her money, because the family member said prior to that when she met Brooks that he was throwing hundreds at her at a poker party. That’s that situation. I have seen the porn video that this girl is in — I mean not all of it, but there’s a trailer that was circulating amongst social media. The title says ‘Two girls trying to break into the porn industry” and then it has their porn video. Two girls and a guy. I watched  about two seconds of it and I was ready to throw up."

I don't know what to say to this at all…except, what is up with Lauri witnessing all of these threesomes?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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