The Los Angeles premiere of 'Smurfs 2' - Arrivals

Does anyone remember not so long ago when former mortal enemies Tamra Barney and Gretchen Rossi became best buds?  The Real Housewives of Orange County duo were thick as thieves as they gossiped about their other besties.  It was good times, right?  RIGHT?

Well, seasons change, and the women are once again on the outs thanks to wedding gown shopping and Reba McEntire.  "Here's your one chance Fancy, don't let me down."  But let each other down both fancy pants did, and now they are back to snarking about each other on social media.  That didn't take long.  Full circle, some might say…


It started when Tamra tweeted this challenge to Andy Cohen the night Gretchen was going to be joining him in the clubhouse:  “Did Slade really tweet that Bravo manipulated Gretchen's voice? Andy, does bravo really do that? #SingLive #WWHL"

​Of course, the impromtu concert didn't happen, but what a mean girl comment!  I know, I know…consider the source!

Meanwhile, Gretchen has been focusing on her upcoming nuptials and turning a blind evil eye to her friend's behavior.  She tells Life & Style that she is planning on having her dream wedding in Italy…and on television. Duh!

Of her proposal to Slade, Gretchen gushes, “I’ve never been so overwhelmed with just sheer joy and happiness!”  

Discussing the locale, Gretchen reveals, “We’re talking about visiting a bunch of Italian cities in the fall to pick a location," adding, “I have this vision of being in the middle of a beautiful winery with the sun setting and me walking through floral arches."

When asked if Bravo would be filming the big event, Gretchen didn't even bother to play coy.  She explains, “I feel like I’ve shared the last four years of my life with the audience and with Slade.  I feel like it would almost be kind of unfair not to allow the audience into this part of my life as well. People want to see the fairytale ending, so I feel like I am obligated to share this special moment in my life on camera.”

We wouldn't expect anything else, would we?



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