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Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita came face to face last night, attempting to somewhat clear the air and move forward in a civil manner. The Real Housewives of New Jersey stars mutually agreed they couldn't return to being BFFs and really don't like one another, but want to be able to attend the same events without the claws coming out.

Jacqueline addressed the dinner meeting in her new blog this week.  She first let it be known that she will NOT be discussing Teresa's troubles with the feds, much like Caroline Manzo's stance on WWHL. "I will not be publicly discussing anything relating to the recent news regarding Teresa and her family. I reached out to Teresa directly. I am strictly discussing the episode and how I felt at the time."


To start off, Jacqueline acknowledges that Teresa wasn't sincere in her attempt to semi-smooth things out.  "Teresa didn't want to be my friend again, she just wanted to keep what she considered her enemy closer. That is the same attitude Teresa had toward me in California when she fake made up with me. I knew Teresa well enough to know that she doesn't forgive and forget that easily and that she probably wasn't sincere this time around either. This is why I didn't want to get too deep by arguing over details at that time, because it would get us nowhere. I just wanted to get to a place of hello and goodbye just like she did."

Jacqueline clears up the false statement by Teresa about those 800 pages of Danielle Staub's court records. "I was very disappointed in Teresa's comment that I had 800 pages of Danielle's court records faxed over to me. Teresa knows VERY well that I didn't ask for, or seek out Danielle's court documents. They were actually sent by mail and ADDRESSED TO ALL OF US, from Danielle's ex-husband after he saw Season 1, to warn us ALL about how dangerous of a person he thought Danielle was. OF COURSE I read them. I'm no fool. It's good to know the person you are dealing with."  800 pages?! At least the Giudice indictment was only 33 pages – it leaves more time for Tweeting, Jacs!  Just sayin'. 

Jacqueline thinks Teresa was experiencing one of her famous memory lapses.  "Teresa seemed to forget all the reasons I chose not to remain friendly with Danielle. Teresa also seemed to forget about how she turned away from her as well. Teresa was the one to label Danielle as the "prostitution whore," flipped a table at her, told the world Danielle didn't wash the sheets after having sex in her shore house, started the chase through the country club, and cursed her up and down at the reunion show (among other things). I think I'm the only person that actually gave Danielle a fair chance before I found out her true colors and cut her completely from my life."

We shouldn't ever expect Jacqueline to be party to any Housewives lines of B.S. because she claims she hates to lie.  "Another thing about me is that I don't like lying for people. I am honest to a fault. If I call out someone, it's because I feel like I'm being put on the spot and I know they are lying. That's just who I am. I'm not going to change."

Jacqueline also fesses up and owns her Twitterholic tendencies in her blog.  "Don't get me wrong, I can get bitchy when I'm angry, and I do speak my mind. Clearly, I do it publicly. I tweet from my own Twitter. I don't make up fake accounts or get others to speak or tweet for me. Whatever I have to say comes straight from me and I'll even say it to them and/or publicly. I'm certainly not sneaky. When people lie to or about me, I get upset and sometimes will snap back by throwing their ugly truths in their face, because I feel the truth always hurts worse than any lie someone can say to try to hurt me. I'm not saying that is right thing to do in a heated situation either, but that's what I do sometimes. I can be impulsive at times. It's a defense mechanism."

Once again Teresa is forgetting the way events played out, according to Jacs.  Especially the flow of insult hurling at the season four reunion taping.  "Teresa has a selective memory of the past. For instance, she keeps bringing up what I said at the reunion about her husband cheating on her.  Someone please rewind the tape from the reunion and see for yourself that Teresa tried to imply that about MY husband FIRST, so that's when I gave her a taste of her own medicine and fired off my cannon back at her. Teresa expected an apology from me, yet she had no remorse for the things that she said about MY husband. I felt like that was a double standard. I will say that in the heat of the moment, I said things that were not my place to have said, and for that, I have apologized."  Please don't let this give Andy any bright ideas of rehashing LAST year's reunion during THIS year bitchfest. 

Jacqueline is holding her ground that she is NOT to blame for Teresa's estrangement from Joe and Melissa Gorga. She shared, "Teresa's family, including her brother, have all told me that I had nothing to do with the reason they didn't talk to her for that year. They have all told Teresa that as well. It came straight from the source, so I didn't understand why Teresa was still holding on to that. It was so frustrating to me that Teresa just couldn't take responsibility for her own actions that may have caused that rift in her family."


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