Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: Mona And The Technicolor Dream Coat

atl reunion 3

Y'all, I know you were as excited as I was to see the insanity unfold on last night's Love & Hip Hop ReunionMona Scott-Young is moving up in the hosting world and now has her own reunion band.  Touting the season as a Hip HOpera (why didn't I think of that??), she breaks down the drama from the past season before introducing the cast.  It's like a technicolor explosion.  Between K. Michelle's hair, Ariane's blue lipstick (yes, blue), Erica Dixon's eye make-up, and Mimi Faust's orange dress, I feel like I just woke up in Oz.  Kirk Frost gets booed, which he laughs off, because, hey, even he knows what a d-bag he is!  He is dressed like an extra on Miami Vice, by the way.

Mona is no idiot, so she immediately pits Joseline Hernandez against Mimi, and the requisite derogatory name-calling, cussing, and hopping off the sofa ensues.  Stevie J. stands up proudly, basking in the two women fighting over him.  Mimi assures him that he's sorely mistaken, right before dodging Joseline's stiletto.  We're off to a running start, I'd say.  We are treated to a highlight reel of all the frenemy feuds.  Ariane is the only sane one of the group.

After bringing up the status of Mimi and K. Michelle's friendship, Mimi rolls her eyes and tells Mona to ask K.  K. then compliments Mimi on her orange dress (it is pretty), and you could cut the tension with a knife.  Apparently Ariane's bridge building lessons weren't well received.  Speaking of failed peacemakers, Traci tries to share her intentions to get Erica and Shay speak about their issues.  Erica wonders if this is season two, not a rerun of season one, while Shay reminds Erica that she still isn't married to Lil' Scrappy.


Karlie Redd and Joseline ended the season as friends, but guess what?  That's no longer the case.  You're shocked, I'm sure.  After insults about being old and remarks about being slutty, Mona moves on to the situation with Karlie and K. Michelle.  Those women are fine, and K. Michelle doesn't care about Karlie's diss record…since it never got played on the radio.  Also in a good, but distant, place?  K. Michelle and Rasheeda.

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Everyone's favorite love triangle is revisited, ending with the LPG proposal.  Mimi asks why Stevie gave her a ring if he is in love with Joseline.  She acts extremely high and mighty as Stevie drones on about the fact he'll always be there for Mimi and their daughter.  Mimi counters that he keeps trying to hook up, although she won't give him the time of day.  I think she was trying to rile Joseline, but Joseline shares that she's no longer worried about Mimi's "friendship ring" and she's pretty sure Stevie is getting on the side from multiple women, so Mimi isn't a threat.  Um, is that a good thing?

Mimi explains that she doesn't have a problem with Joseline, but rather it's the other way around.  Joseline reveals that she has an issue with Mimi for snubbing her when she drops off her daughter with Stevie.  That statement causes Mimi to fly off the handle, and Stevie hilariously screaming for security.  Getting back to the LPG proposal, Mimi explains that she was laughing because it was typical Stevie J. crap, not her feeling vindicated.  She begs Stevie to be respectful of Joseline and to treat her better than he's treated the other ladies in his past.  Joseline is in tears over the fact that she and Stevie didn't have mothers to raise them.  Mimi wishes that Joseline would realize that Stevie is just manipulating her.  Stevie doesn't want Mimi trying to sway Joseline's feelings.  Mona asks Stevie point blank if he's engaged to Joseline, but he's all about avoiding the question.  He tells Mona to stay tuned for season three.  Classy.

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Next on stage are Scrappy (paying homage to Elton John, it seems) and Erica and their mothers.  Momma Dee is rockin' some princess attire.  We are reminded of the couple's meddling mothers, broken engagement, and Scrappy's stint in rehab.  Erica is very emotional, and she wants the best for Scrappy.  Through her tears, Erica explains that the pair is working on being friends.  While they both confess their love for the other, they recognize that they are always clashing.  A reconciliation, if possible, won't happen overnight.

Traci and Drew's relationship is highlighted, and Traci is super heated screaming about investments and popcorn hoes.  Traci is adamant that she no longer has feelings for Drew, but Mona, Drew, and the rest of the audience strongly disagree.  Drew admits that he was jealous when Traci started seeing that other guy.  However, he jokes that he could post a picture of his aunt and Traci would start screaming about her being a nasty groupie.  Mona interrupts their antics to tell viewers to vote on their favorite L&HH ATL saying.  Will it be Joseline's "Hey Maid!" Momma Dee's "And in that order," or Traci's own "popcorn hoes."  Hold on to your tweets, my friend.  This is going to be a tight race!  Or not.  It's popcorn hoes by a landslide.

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The breakdown of Kirk and Rasheeda's marriage is the next topic, and not surprisingly, it's Mona's cliffhanger.  Until next time!

Next week, Nikko and Stevie face off, and Karlie is worried about a text message that Benzino threatens to reveal.  As much love as Scrappy and Erica claim to have, it doesn't last through hour two of the reunion!  Plus, K. Michelle performs!


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