I hope the day never comes when I get sick of hearing the insanity that comes out of Joseline Hernandez's mouth.  The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star rarely disappoints when it comes to hilarious one-liners and her crazy justifications when it comes to Stevie J.

Now, Joseline has been working on her debut album with her hopeful life partner, and she's feuding with fellow reality star Tamar Braxton.  Hmmm….to be honest, I'm not sure who I'd put my money on in that fight!  One thing is for sure, the Puerto Rican princess is schooled in this reality business and keeping her name in the media!


Have a Seat reports on Joseline's recent interview with Rolling Out.  Describing her sound, she says, "[It’s] reggaeton, hip-hop, pop — I do everything. I sing and I rap in Spanish. Stevie got me doing everything in the studio. I love it, I’m excited that I can go from being a dancer to a pop icon. I’m actually a pop icon because little girls were dressing like me for Halloween. I thought they only dressed like Michael Jackson for Halloween."

And so the one-liners begin!  Pop icon?  Halloween?  Michael JacksonJoseline is comedy gold!

Of the process, Joseline explains, "It happened so fast. One year, it’s only been one year. I met Stevie as a dancer. We went into the studio I did my first song in two hours and that song is amazing. … It’s fun but it’s hard work. Going into the studio with Stevie is not easy."

She continues, "He’s [got] three Grammys. He doesn’t make bubblegum songs. I have a harder time going into the studio with Stevie and making a song with him. I feel like with everybody else, I’m just 'that b—-' but when I go in the studio with him he tells me 'It’s not right, you gotta do it again.'"

According to Rumor FixJoseline is calling out Tamar in the same magazine!  Ripping on her nemesis, Joseline taunts, “Shout-out to Tamar Braxton, she wants to be a bad b—- like myself but she can’t be. She’s been trying to come out with music for how many years? [It’s been] f—–g 20 years since her sister [Toni] was a star,” adding, “You know I hate that s—! … They’re jealous. They don’t understand how a girl like me can come out and be this, but I have talent. It’s not my fault. When you got talent, you got talent. Shout-out to the haters; I love the haters. I do it for your amusement.”

Bless her heart.  The above picture is from the magazine photo shoot which Joseline posted on her Instagram.  It's really the only one I could post without offending anyone with nipplage.  🙂


[Photo Credit: Instagram]