Is Wendy Williams Trying To Start Something With Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes?



You know, of all of the reality stars in all of the franchises in the far-reaching corners of Bravo Land, the one I'd be the most frightened to feud with is Real Housewives of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes.  Not only does she have a sharp tongue, she's a legit heavy hitter after making the jump from Bravolebrity to bona fide television actress.  Sure, The New Normal has been canceled, but, you know what, so was a gem known as Malibu Country.

That said, Wendy Williams apparently didn't get the memo–and she's supposedly friends (albeit maybe former) with the Neenster!  After whisperings of discord between the ladies, Wendy is trying to set the record straight, saying that rumors of tension between the two are totally exaggerated.


According to Black America Web, Wendy is attempting to smooth things over in the media.  In a recently posted video blog, she says, “I don’t have a problem with NeNe, I love NeNe."

Of course, in her attempt to make amends, Wendy likely failed miserably.  Instead of stopping there and letting sleeping dogs lie, Wendy decides to contemplate what she could have said in the past that could have come across the wrong way.

Speaking of NeNe's recent nuptials, Wendy opines, “You know I don’t love a big wedding, though.  Especially the second time around,”adding she wasn't invited to the big day “because I told her through the TV that I’m not coming.”

Wendy concludes by cattily sharing, “I wish NeNe all the best.  Even high-brow NeNe. Because that’s the new NeNe.”  Mee and yow!  Highbrow NeNe is the one you really don't want to piss off, right?  No wonder NeNe tweeted not too long ago that she wouldn't be appearing as a guest on the any time soon.  Can you blame her?

However, NeNe may be too busy to do Wendy's silly show as she hinted that she's about to get much busier.  She tweeted recently, "Nene Leakes Productions! Bringing u the best n Television."  Take that Wendy Williams!