Lamar Odom’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out; Claims Khloe Kardashian Had A Private Investigator Following Her!


I know you've all heard that Lamar Odom is allegedly cheating on Khloe Kardashian with a mistress or two! The seemingly happy couple has had their share of issues from Khloe's infertility to Lamar's sagging basketball career (which reportedly suffered because he was focusing too much time on reality TV) to his cancer charity being accused of fraud

After canceling their spinoff, the couple has been frequently featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and appear very in love! On this week's episode Khloe even celebrated their anniversary by commissioning a sexy photo shoot for "Lamy". Unfortunately in the tabloids rumors of Lamar's cheating are exploding everywhere!

Khloe has been keeping up appearances with twitpics of the lovebirds, but Lamar's mistress numero uno, Jennifer Richardson, an LA business woman, is speaking out! Jennifer said Khloe discovered Lamar's infidelities and once she became aware started having Jennifer followed. 


“They had private investigators following me for weeks,” Jennifer claims to In Touch Weekly. “I was very, very intimidated and scared.”

During one particular instance she had an uncomfortable run-in with Khloe at a Clippers game! That's awwwwkward.

Jennifer alleges that in April, days after her affair with Lamar came to an end, she was seated courtside while Khloe and Kris Jenner were seated two rows back. You mean to tell me, Lamar got his MISTRESS courtside seats and at the same game stashed his wifey in the bleachers alongside his MOTHER-IN-LAW. Uh-huh. Right… 

 “Khloé never said a word to me,” Jennifer recounts, “but she kept cutting her eyes at me. That’s when I knew she knew.”

Jennifer says Khloe was so desperate for information about her husband's activities she resorted to stalking him. 

"She’s constantly looking for Lamar and trying to find out where he is, calling him, calling his assistant,” Jennifer insists. “Lamar would just hit ‘ignore.’” Jennifer alleges that Khloe kept the Staples Center, where the Clippers play, on speed dial to find out his schedule.

And Khloe relied on his iPhone GPS to keep tabs! “Khloé and her mother caught him with another girl before me,” Jennifer says. “That’s why he went back to a BlackBerry.”

Lamar is also being accused of having an affair with an attorney. 

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