Is Sheree Whitfield’s Mansion Chateau Sheree In Foreclosure?


UPDATED:  According to a post by Tamara Tattles, the foreclosure is not happening.  Tamara posted a retraction on her site today, September 3rd. 

She writes, "On September 3, TamaraTattles received a request for retraction from a law office working of behalf of Sheree Whitfield. According to the attorney representing  Ms.Whitfield, the property is NOT currently in foreclosure. Ms. Whitfield’s attorney has requested a retraction of certain statements from the previous post.  As always, Tamaratattles continues to strive to provide the most accurate information possible. As there is now conflicting information, in a sincere effort  to satisfy the request of Ms. Whitfield and to assure her of our lack of malicious intent, TamaraTattles has voluntarily removed the post in question in its entirety. TamaraTattles wishes Ms. Whitfield well in her home building endeavors." 



Hey y'all – it's the least surprising news like, ever! According to reports Chateau Sheree (aka ChateNO Sheree) is headed to the auction block. 

She By SheBroke's fabled manor of liberrys and roller rinks has apparently come to a close. Despite numerous property transfers to evade her creditors it appears Sheree is unable to hold onto the home and see it through to completion. 

TamaraTattles reports that local real estate agents are declaring that the home will be "available for an immediate short sale for $340,000." Allegedly "sealed bids" are now being taken for the property which has stood in a semi-completed (ok basically exterior walls) state since last year.


Despite the condition of the property, it's in a great location but because of exposure to the elements, Tamara's source classifies it as a possible "tear down" (real estate term for demolition, baby!). Reports reveal it has been "sitting in the rain wearing nothing but an expired Tyvek wrap" for months! Translation: no siding. 

Currently there are two loans on the property according to sources. And here's a tricky, twisty, She By SheBroke twist – Sheree may attempt to buy the property back herself! She apparently has some sort of LLC paperwork in the works and the property was previously in the name of an alleged "shell corporation, BLU Management" (possibly owned by Sheree). The home was also briefly in her daughter's name a couple of times.   

Don't you just hope Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras capture the very, very rich NeNe Leakes bidding on it? Low $300,000, y'all. She could buy it all cash, quick close! Maybe Sheree could rent her pile of sticks from NeNe! 

In case you weren't aware, this is the second foreclosure for Sheree who got booted out of the Atlanta mansion featured on RHOA when Sheree was going to secure "seven figures" in a divorce settlement from Bob Whitfield. That never happened and instead she got a zillion dollars in legal bills instead – and one repo'd Aston Martin. What was Bethenny Frankel saying about broke Housewives again… 

Dang, She By SheHomeless again! 

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