Facts And Truths Courtesy Of Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Gretchen Rossi!


Fact:  The friendship between Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi and Tamra Barney deteriorated just as quickly as it was rekindled.  I think we've all figured out that Tamra's loyalty (what little of it she may have) lies with Vicki Gunvalson.  And lie they do, according to Gretchen!  Truth:  I love Reba McIntyre but I am not surprised that something called Malibu Country didn't last.  It's lived longer in this feud than it ever could have on cable.  Fact:  Bravo really needs to put a length restriction on their blogs.  Truth: I tried to just give y'all the highlights!  

In her Bravo blog, Gretchen writes about the infamous Jay Photolou situation, "Fact: The man the women continue to bring up I took to court and won seven counts against. In order to find someone guilty of punitive damages the jury needs to find that person acted with fraud, malice, or intent. Furthermore the claims he tried to bring against me for defaming him, false light, and slander, the jury found in favor of me and not of him."

She continues, "Fact: Tamra says in one breath at the reunion that she still doesn't know all the details of what really happened between me and this man but then five seconds later she is whipping out pictures and seems to think she knows exactly what happened between us. She can't even keep her stories straight. She continues to challenges Lauri [Peterson]'s accusations saying 'If she didn't see them in bed together then she really doesn't know what happened.'"


Gretchen adds, "But when it comes to me, the same rules don't apply. Funny how that always seems to be the case with them? Always a double standard."  I'm going to have agree with her on this one!

Of Vicki's peesome, I mean threesome, Gretchen reminds viewers, "Fact:  Lauri came to me with the information about Vicki; I didn’t go searching for it. I didn't confront Vicki or attack her or do what she did to me once I knew about it. I allowed Lauri to address it with her in Whistler and it wasn't until Vicki started making accusations towards me on that mountain again that I got into it with her. Truth: If someone accuses you for years about cheating but then you find out they were actually the one cheating and lying to everyone for eight years, wouldn't you have the same type of reaction I did when Lauri told me? Then Vicki finally admitted to it on the mountain and again at the reunion, so of course I have a right to be upset after all the years of tearing me apart."

It's no surprise that Gretchen has no sympathy for Vicki, explaining, "What is so insane is Vicki attacking Lauri saying 'all this has affected her business, she lost work because of it, it has affected her family.' Blah, Blah, Blah. Hilarious that only now Vicki realizes what accusations like this can do to someone's life. It was just fine when they were doing it to me and it was affecting every aspect of my life. Neither Vicki nor Tamra have ever shown any concern about how their accusations of both Slade and I have caused damage to our personal lives. They simply don't care."

It wouldn't be a housewife blog if business endeavors weren't touted, right?  Gretchen writes, "Fact: I have a track record of being a successful business woman ranking in the top 7 percent internationally for my company as one of the top sales agents before I was even on this show, I bought my own home, my own cars, my own things, and have not been handed anything. I work hard every day for what I have, and my continued focus and success of expanding the Gretchen Christine collections into all categories speak for themselves."

She cites, "Vicki trying to demean me or say anything differently as if she knows anything about my financial status or 'business' is mean-spirited, ignorant, and flat out degrading towards the woman empowerment movement of our time. Truth: the only thing Vicki has mentored me about is how not to act in business. I enjoy helping woman of all ages go after their dreams of owning their own companies and achieving success in whatever way they can."

Fact: Gretchen makes some valid points.  I know, I was confused too!  Truth: Vicki and Tamra's friendship functions best when someone–anyone–can be excommunicated to the outside of their circle.


[Photo Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com]