Basketball Wives Recap: Lukewarm Bud Lights And Meet And Greet Fights


I had no clue what to expect after last week's premiere of the Feel Sorry for the Mean Girls.  Evelyn Lozada can only cry so much, right?  Tami Roman quickly shed her sweet ways on last night's Basketball Wives, and I was surprised at how easy it was for her to manipulate Suzie Ketcham into being her puppet.  Speaking of puppets, the puppet master Shaunie O'Neal just sat back and watched smugly as things began to unravel, nostrils flaring and all!

Evelyn is meeting up with Tasha Marbury, Evelyn's longtime friend and wife of Stephon Marbury.  The women are grabbing cocktails in Los Angeles.  Evelyn's fingernail polish makes her look like she just got slimed by some ectoplasm.  She ain't afraid of no ghosts!  Seriously, it's so distracting.  I can barely keep up with Tasha dishing about her husband's new life playing basketball in China while Evelyn moans about her still strong spiritual connection with Chad.

Tami is bonding with her daughters over basketball and driving skills.  Her youngest is concerned when her mom offers to give her lessons…after all, both girls know just how "impatient" their mother is if things don't go exactly her way.  Just how did all these crazed women wind up with such sweet, grounded children?  Does the hateful, hair-pulling gene skip a generation?



Tasha and Evelyn are getting their yoga on, but Evelyn isn't as limber as she once was given that she hasn't had sex in a while. Blah, blah, blah…is this going to be all she talks about all season?  Is this VH1's way to get to use some unseen footage from Ev & Ocho?  I feel like the network could sneak it in at any moment.  Tasha asks how Evelyn's books are doing, and Evelyn worriedly admits that there is a fictitious (cough, cough) story in her first novel about a woman whose NBA hubby gets it on with a chef.  Well, knock me over with a feather, but guess who comes up when you google that?  Tasha clearly hasn't read the book, but she lets this news slide off her back as she tersely reminds Evelyn that everyone has situations they must deal with in their marriage.

On a stroll with daughter Shaniece, Evelyn explains that she's ready to go to New York to visit family.  She wants to plan something around the holidays to take everyone's mind off the passing of her brother-in-law.  Later, Evelyn goes hiking with Suzie, and Suzie isn't feeling the L.A. vibe.  She wants to go back to Miami, but she also feels like she needs to grow up. Suzie's lonely.  She hates being single in her thirties.  Preach it, sister.  Evelyn promises to be Suzie's number one fan and support system.  I'll believe that when I see it!


Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tasha are meeting for dinner, and Tasha is chatting about her weave bar.  Shaunie thinks that Tasha and Tami will be fast friends given the fact that Tami fancies herself a weave-ologist.  Evelyn isn't so sure the women will mesh though.

In the Bronx, Evelyn's sister gifts her with a necklace that contains some of her brother-in-law's ashes.  Evelyn is equal parts creeped out and touched.  It's actually a pretty appropriate reaction given the circumstances.  Evelyn breaks down…not about her deceased brother-in-law but because she is mourning the loss of her relationship with Chad.  Evelyn questions whether Chad has reached out to her sister, and she learns that he's hit her up on Twitter.  Aww.  Nothing says I'm sorry I head butted you like sending a public message to your ex-wife's family member in 160 characters or less.

Deciding that she's a jack of all trades, Tami has decided to start her own nail polish line, so she's partnering with Katy Perry's celebrity manicurist.  She's like to tout it as a high end line, but she doesn't want to forget about the little people who may not be able to afford more expensive polishes.  The polishes are also free of whatever bad things are found in some polishes, and Tami is thrilled to be promoting a socially and environmentally conscious product.  She seriously says that.

All of the women are in New York, and Evelyn is trying to explain Tami's "boisterous" personality to Tasha before she introduces her two friends.  Tasha seems to think that grown women should be able to get along, but Evelyn warns Tasha that she should steer clear of a shot-swilling Tami.  Let's be honest, it is actually sage advice.  The following day, Tami accompanies Evelyn on a shopping trip, and Evelyn cautiously invites Tami to dinner at Tasha's house.  Tami isn't digging on the newbie, and her faces are priceless as she warns Evelyn that things could go very wrong given her past history.  What normal woman is automatically concerned that a brawl will ensue if she meets one of her best friend's friends?  It's tough being Tami and initiating new people into her inner circle.  Few make it in to learn that she's really a nice person.  Sure.


Over lunch, Tami catches up with Suzie and encourages her friend to pursue her marketing dreams.  Tami starts stirring the pot about Tasha's meet-and-greet, and everything she says that Evelyn told her about Tasha must have happened when the cameras weren't rolling.  I certainly never heard Evelyn say that meeting Tasha could go horrible wrong due to her bouigie attitude.  Loving to gossip, Tami tells Suzie all about Evelyn's book and the cheftastic affair.  Tami wants Suzie to ask Tasha about it because Suzie is good at playing dumb and if Tami says something it will seem calculated.  She makes sure that Evelyn does her TMZ research before Tasha's dinner.  Oh Tami!  You didn't even make it an episode without showing your true colors!

Tasha has Shaunie and Evelyn remove their shoes before entering her home.  Tami and Suzie arrive, and Tami is going to try her best not to start shiz.  How kind.  A condescending Tami understands that Tasha is a champagne type of gal, but she loves some Bud Light.  She seems almost shocked to learn that Tasha has stocked her fridge with cold brews for Tami…it's what polite hostesses do for their guests.  However, the beers aren't technically cold (they are more "room temp" according to Tami), so Tami requests some ice.


When Evelyn starts discussing her PETA "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" Campaign, a haughty Tami questions when Evelyn gave away all of her precious furs.  Tasha discusses her weave bar, and Tami bristles a bit that she's got competition. However, you know Tami…she plans to keep her friends close and her competition closer!  As if on cue, Tasha's chef comes out to describe the evening's menu, and a lock jawed Suzie asks about the rumors of Stephon cheating.  The mean girls seem to take a lot of pleasure in anticipating what is going to happen next.

Next week, Tami and Shaunie get into it over the negativity surrounding Tasha's perception of Tami, and we get to tag along to one of Evelyn's therapy sessions.


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