Basketball Wives Recap: Tami’s Ticking Time Bomb


When we last left the ladies of Basketball Wives, Tami Roman had enlisted Suzie Ketcham to do her bidding in breaking down new girl Tasha Marbury while she sipped on her lukewarm Bud Lite and hoped for crazy drama  As last night's episode began, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O'Neal avert their eyes as Suzie questions Tasha about her husband's rumored affair.  Instead of getting defensive or starting to scream and throw things, Tasha calmly says that yes, it did happen, and she's not going to lie about it.  She stays classy and keeps her cool.  Remind me again why she's on this show?

Tami then has the nerve to tell Tasha that she can't believe how rude Suzie was to ask the question.  Tasha knows that it comes with the lifestyle, and Tami is shocked to learn that Tasha and Stephon did pay off the mistress.  Evelyn is just happy that her friend was able to keep the energy from going to that negative place the ladies are so used to going.

The following day, Evelyn and Suzie are cruising the Hudson and discussing the dinner's events.  Suzie admits that she felt badly for rehashing Tasha's marital issues, and she wants to clear the air with the new girl in hopes of forging a new friendship.  In Central Park, Tami and Shaunie are also discussing the evening.  Tami learned from Tasha that Shaunie and Evelyn told her that things could go really badly with Tami at their initial meeting.  Tami confronts her friend about painting her in a negative light. While Shaunie understands where Tami is coming from, she still stands by her statement.  After all, the women got along didn't they?


In L.A., Suzie is catching up with her cousin Billy before attending Evelyn's PETA sponsored birthday party.  She's in a bit of a funk because she's been evaluating her life, and she doesn't feel like she's where she should be at this point in her life.  Suzie regrets not finishing school, and she is prepared to go back to college.  Her cousin doesn't think it's fair that her family expects her to follow in the footsteps of her very successful and financially secure brothers.

Shaunie is having lunch with her boyfriend of three years.  Marlon is very talented as he's able to chomp on a toothpick, drink coffee, and mumble all at the same time. Shaunie admits that coordinating their schedules is quite a struggle with their busy lives and her children and business ventures.


It must be cousin night on BBW, because Tami is seeking the advice and support of her cousin Shauna.  Tami is having a very hard time dealing with the fact that her mother is dying from liver cancer.  A tearful Tami is worried that she hasn't made her mother proud with the way she's lived her life.  Damn you, VH1.  I never thought I'd be crying with Tami Roman, but I am.

Suzie has invited Tasha to lunch so that she can apologize for her behavior at the dinner party, and Tasha is quick to accept Suzie's apology for her bluntness.  She is, however, shocked to learn that Tami put her up to it.  Tasha reminds Suzie that while it's no one's business, she owns what is going on in her life.  After a few pointed (and let's be honest, deserved) digs, the women seem to be off on the right foot.

Before her big party, Evelyn is meeting with the PETA people to go over the new ad campaign.  She is super excited about how well the photo turned out, and she's already set her sights on Playboy.  I hope Evelyn is joking.

Tami is taking her daughters out to eat, and they are discussing what's new in their lives.  She asks her girls' advice about something special she could do for her mom.  One daughter recommends a family portrait, but Tami is thinking more of a spa day.  They discuss the option of hospice, and Tami is wary about having her home turned into a hospital room.  However, Tami is worried that her mom won't be open to the idea of moving into a hospice facility.  Tami hopes she isn't being insensitive, and as much as I want to snark that she is, I really think that she just dreads the idea of watching her mother's final days play out in her living room and then always having that association after she's gone.


Tasha and Suzie are toasting Evelyn's birthday in a limo on the way to her party.  Suzie shares that she doesn't think Evelyn needs to go back to Chad, but Tasha believes that Chad could change.  Suzie envies her friend's newfound independence.  As Tasha shares the story of her dating Stephon, Suzie starts to find her inspirational…until Tasha makes a joke about Evelyn wearing a football helmet on future dates.  Too soon?  Shaunie thinks it's great that Evelyn has found a cause to support, but she doesn't plan to stop wearing fur anytime soon.  Both women are surprised that Tami is a no-show to the party.

Evelyn and Shaunie are shoe shopping for some date night shoes for Shaunie, and they are dishing on Tami's anger about the "it could go really well or really badly" comment.  Evelyn is confused.  She realizes that any newcomer who meets her or Tami is probably worried about they will act.  The women do their best Tami impressions, and this should bode well for reunion drama!


Before Evelyn and Chad's marriage, the couple was seeing a therapist, and now Evelyn continues to see her.  The counselor asks what Evelyn did to contribute to their fight. It all boils down to Evelyn not being cool with Chad cheating so soon after their marriage.  I'm sorry, did the therapist just say that Evelyn fought him, not with her hands, but with her words and he reacted in the opposite?  While I don't think the therapist should be praising Evelyn, she kind of seems to be condoning Chad's violence…not that Evelyn isn't violent herself.

Next week, Evelyn's therapy session continues and Suzie and Tasha work out together.  The breakdown between Tami and Shaunie continues.


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