Real Housewives Of Orange County’s Alexis And Jim Bellino Talk Filming, Friendship With Vicki Gunvalson, And Gretchen Who?

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Alexis Bellino…she'd be one of my favorites on Real Housewives of Orange County if she just wasn't so wishy-washy.  While she's inadvertently hilarious with her one-liners and her sometimes holier than thou attitude, I feel like Alexis is finally learning the ropes.  Latch onto the Alpha…and do it better than Gretchen Rossi did!  We all know that Alexis has forged a deep friendship (at least in her naive and misguided mind) with Vicki Gunvalson, and she's convinced it's the real deal.  Did she not watch the seasons before she started on RHOC?  I do feel that Alexis tries her best to be genuine, and I hope for her sake that she is able to stay on Vicki's good side!  

Of course, as she learns how to play the Bravo game, Alexis is also learning how to keep the media buzzing.  Will she or won't she?  Alexis is staying mum about whether she'll be returning for another season of RHOC.  This all sounds strangely reminiscent, doesn't it?


Wet Paint recently caught up with Alexis and Jim the Trampoline King Bellino at an event to raise awareness about substance abuse.  Not only did she tell the site, "I'm just a big supporter because drug and alcohol abuse happens everywhere. It needs to be addressed and we need to support it," (so profound) but Alexis also dished on her new pal, the OG of the OC, and former biffle Gretchen.  

What's been going on?

Alexis: Well, we got back from a week cruise and another week in Florida. So we had a two week vacation, a very fun past couple weeks for us.

Jim: Family time.

Do you miss the cameras when not filming?

Alexis: It's weird, surreal almost. Because now the years seem to go much longer. When we first started filming five years ago, filming was a lot shorter. We shot for two or three months. It feels a lot longer, and it feels good to have the downtime.

How are your relationships with the girls?

Alexis: This was an easier season for me, not to say that it would be if I were to do it again next year. Vicki and I have come up with a solid friendship and it's not just for the show. It's not best friends, we're not wearing friendship bracelets, it's just a really solid friendship. I don't really want to say the others are or aren't my friends. We're just acquaintances that work together.

Jim: Also, she's confident in who she is, and they know she's not going to take any crap. She speaks her mind.

Alexis: I've gotten a lot stronger in my opinions now. I've learned that.

Why are you and Vicki such good friends?

Alexis: Vicki and I have come to a place where we both realize we both have great hearts. We want the same out of life, we're family people. I love my husband, I love our kids. I think it's what it comes down to.

Jim: Most of the stress in the first season they were together, I think there was a return respect that you understand people's strengths, what you have in common and what you don't.

Alexis: We're definitely not alike, but…

When do you go back to Real Housewives of Orange County?

Alexis: Everything is still in the air. He and I haven't addressed it, we're just enjoying the time off. I don't even want to think about it. Right now I'm very undecided and I don't want to think about what we're doing. Supposedly, we only have a month, month and a half before everything starts up again. So it's not a very long hiatus. That's basically getting the kids ready for school. Halloween and that's it. That's the end of it.

Are you still friends with Gretchen?

Jim: Who's that?

You don't know Gretchen Rossi?

Jim: No.

Alexis: I don't think she really — we don't talk together.

Fingers crossed that Alexis does stick around for another season because I'd like to see her continued metamorphosis, plus Jim just makes me laugh–and not on purpose.


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