Farrah Abraham Molds Her Lady Bits For A New Line Of Sex Toys

Farrah Abraham Ok party

Farrah Abraham is forever evolving her brand. Today the former Teen Mom star is taking her sex brand, which is obviously shelved between her accounting auditing degree and her designated drivers restaurant, to the next level. 

In a recent video, titled Farrah Abraham: She's Now A Sex Toy, Farrah shared she's designing her own line of sex toys, including replicas of her own lady bits.

"I think I'm taking sex symbol to a whole new level today," explained Farrah. "I'm at Topco, which is the fourth biggest in the nation adult sales manufacturer. So, now I'm going to have a whole sex line. People are going to jack off to me."


Farrah walked us through the molding process in the video:

"Yeah. I'm going to get naked and we're going to mold my parts."

"This is for a piece that is both anal and vaginal."  Topco's best sales pitch? Farrah's miserable personality is not included.

"My crotch is getting molded right now and then we're going to do my boobs next. I can't wait."

"The anus and the vagina area. I'm a mom. I can say this."

Showing off the finished product, Farrah said, "I probably have, like, mold up in me right now." Yes. Yes, she does. 

Could this story get any more gross? Um, yes. Farrah's father shared his two cents on Facebook.  Michael wrote, "My daughter Farrah is funny and a progressive business woman," adding, "I wonder if Topco will make a 'Michael' Adult Toy. Stay tuned."

On that note, I shall let y'all Choose Your Own Adventure to end this story. To end realistically, choose Option A. To end with a bit of snark, choose Option B.

Option A: I want to drown my computer in my pool and scrub the Farrah and Michael sex mold images out of my brain with gasoline and a Brillo pad.

Option B: Fire up those Amazon wish lists because you are not going to want to miss the opportunity to get your very own piece of Farrah's moldy vagina.


Photo credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com