The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6

If any of y'all are watching I Dream of NeNe (and I don't get the feeling that many of you are), you know that NeNe Leakes' ego takes center stage and is second to not much else.  Now, I like the Neenster, but Bravo may have put too many eggs in one basket by making this a season-long series.  There's just not that much to it.

So, leave it to NeNe (another potential spin-off title?) to start drumming up the press for the sixth season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  NeNe is a promoter at heart, and she knows who butters her bread.  She's no doubt happy to generate some Bravo buzz about the next RHOA go-round, which, by the way, starts a month from today on November 3rd!


The Examiner has the deets on an interview NeNe recently gave to Entertainment Weekly where the reality star dishes on what viewers can expect to see when the ladies from the Peach State once again grace our DVRs.  

NeNe reveals that some of the ladies aren't being totally authentic, and she hints that there is a great deal of cattiness and craziness to come.  NeNe explains, "A lot of drama. That’s what it is all the time. People trying to beef up their storylines. Trust me, I happen to be one of the very real ones. I don’t play a character when I come on to Real Housewives. I play NeNe, and there are girls who play characters. I am just who I am: I am NeNe Leakes."

When questioned about any potential beef with Gone with the Wind Certifiable Kenya Moore, NeNe quips, "I can’t say what that’s about, because the show hasn’t aired yet, but I’m the boss. I’ve been here since day one. I’ll be damned if anyone comes over here and tells me what to do." Point taken. It's not RHOA, it's The NeNe Leakes Show!

Just to add fuel to the fire, NeNe posted the above and below pictures of the women filming for new season.  They look like they're having fun, don't they? Don't be fooled, warns the Neenster, captioning the photos, "Don’t mistake those smiles for peace hunni cuz there’s a whole lotta drama happenin between photos."


[Photo Credit: NeNe Leakes' Official Website]

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 6