Bruce Jenner Will Continue To Film Keeping Up With The Kardashians Despite Separation From Kris Jenner; Bruce Wants The Divorce!


Yesterday it was announced that Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner finally admitted to a long-rumored separation. I don't know why they were bothering hiding it after Bruce was seen moving into a Malibu beach house on Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Sources reveal to TMZ (so you know it's gotta be true!) that almost immediately after the separation announcement was dropped Bruce went off to shoot scenes with Kendall and Kylie. The family is still filming season 8. And there's more: Bruce will continue to be part of season 9 (rumored to be Kimmie's last after she becomes a legit A-List baby mutha fashionista. #yeahright)! 

The upcoming season will feature Kris and Bruce "living separately" but getting together for various family events – of which there will be many, of course. "The family is very conscious of the fact that they can make more in syndication," sources said. 


Perhaps realizing he better play the role of the distraught soon-to-be-ex, Bruce was spotted flipping off the paparazzi with his MINOR daughters while on the golf course and filming for the show!

As for why the couple finally is calling it quits, sources say it was BRUCE who actually wants the marriage to end. He is sick of the "Hollywood Lifestyle" which he has always shunned and was incredibly tired of living in the limelight so he moved to Malibu. "She's on a freight train and Bruce finally wanted off," a family source tells TMZ adding that fame made Bruce uncomfortable. 

Kris didn't want Bruce to bail on the Calabasas family home for Malibu, but he did anyway because he just wasn't happy around her anymore. Wench should've let him have that putting green! 

Further adding a wedge in the marriage was Bruce's desire to reconnect and establish "adult relationships" with Brandon and Brody Jenner who have been appearing regularly on the show this season. With Bruce getting a little distance from the K-machine the Jenner boys are finally bonding with him and this is making him much happier. 

OK – time for my two cents! I personally don't believe these two are truly separating AT ALL and this is just another spin in the Pimpmomma media conglomerate. This just reeks of PR stunt. They'll stay married because their divorce would, in part, undo the Kardashian empire which is already being hit with a heavy blow over the Khloe/Lamar divorce. And we all know Kanye will never pop the question to Kim! 

I personally think Kris wanted a distraction from the Khloe issues, plus ratings aren't supreme for the show, so she decided to convince her sister to "leak" to the tabloids that she is separated from Bruce. Then a few days later Kris pretended she got caught and confirmed it with a statement. Yet the kameras keep rolling so Kris and Bruce can film their marital breakdown and then reunification. Let's be frank, a messy divorce with all their finances ripped open is not something Kris J is not the type of attention Kris wants, anyway. These two may continue to live separate-ish lives but they'll definitely never go through with the Big D! 

Now in an effort to make Kris not look so bad (since everyone on earth thinks she's awful) they're trying to humanize her by saying Bruce wants the marriage to end. I think Bruce is complicit in all of this because even though he appears to hate the lifestyle, he clearly loves the Kardashian kids and well, Kris keeps his balls firmly stashed in a Chanel bag! 

Too bad when Bruce moved out he couldn't bring his old face with him. You know the one he had before Kris made him get his-n-hers facelifts from hell… 

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