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Well, we're back for round two of Preachers of L.A.! Clarence McClendon was too busy counting money Scrooge McDuck-style with his butler to make much of an appearance, while Noel Jones was all about family and females…or one female in particular. Ron Gibson took it upon himself to provide premarital counseling to Deitrick Haddon and his fiance, but we all know Deitrick doesn't like being told what to do. Thank God for Jay Haizlip for having a story that isn't just superficial and putting aside his bravado to reach out to someone who many would shun. As for Wayne Chaney, has he already given up on this gig?

After last week's explosion in the Man Cave between Deitrick and Clarence over respect, bedazzled jeans, whether a Ferrari trumps a Porsche, and poor people, Deitrick is talking to fiance Dominique about how to rectify the situation. The pair is in the studio, and Deitrick feels that Clarence didn't like being challenged. Dominique hopes that Deitrick can swallow his pride and make amends. Meanwhile, Clarence arrives at Noel's home to share his take on the events. Clarence wonders why Deitrick thinks it is alright to tell him how to run his ministry. Noel understands completely…an entourage isn't a bad thing. Sidebar, who was Dwayne Wayne's best friend on A Different World? Can we be totally sure he didn't leave acting to become an evangelical pastor named Clarence? #IMDB


Jay is talking to his wife about a member of their congregation named April who also happens to be a bad a$$ skateboarder. Is it any wonder that Jay likes her? She's the female him minus the past crack habit and offering basket. He reveals to Christy and a youth pastor that this skater is now going through a sex change to become a man, and she (he) now wants to return to church. The youth pastor has a hard time with this news, telling Jay that it would be difficult to call April by David, which is the name she has chosen now that she is taking steps to become a man. Christy quickly reminds him that they need to do what Jesus would do and welcome everyone with love and compassion. And with that, Jay and Christy are officially my new favorite preacher power couple.

Oh dear Jesus. Noel prepares for his intense sermons with a massage chair, a beauty eye mask, a personal trainer, and some dude who irons his robe. The man has every mall kiosk all in one place! No wonder he's besties with Clarence. Due to his uber-busy schedule of traveling the world and spreading the gospel, it's nearly impossible for Noel to be in a relationship. Noel's driver reminds him that Loretta seems to garner a lot of his time, not to mention she's a snazzy dresser and pretty to boot. Oh really? Noel claims to have not noticed…must have been that eye mask. The following day, Loretta stops by Lauren Conrad's Noel's house to discuss the grand opening of the restaurant they are opening together. I like Loretta. She's sassy, and she's giving him a run for his money with her flirty ultimatums.

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Christy wants to provide a safe atmosphere for April/David in their church community. Jay is conflicted with the situation because he believes that scripture is very clear on the Bible's stance regarding what April/David is facing, but he also knows that he is dealing with a human soul that deserves love and respect. Christy is very matter-of-fact. She does not want to further alienate or isolate April/David from church, and she refuses to be labeled as the "that kind of Christian" who isn't accepting to all. Preach, Christy!

Ron and LaVette are double dating with Deitrick and Dominique to talk about the Double-Ds upcoming wedding. In that suit, Ron is straight up Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld"So we got an attractive woman, wearing a bra, no top, walkin' around in broad daylight. She's flouting society's conventions! That's totally inappropriate. It's lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!" (Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm totally embarrassed by the percentage of my brain that solely stores 90's sitcom quotes). Deitrick is picking up Dominique and getting a lecture from her mother about his over-the-top shenanigans while he waits on his fiance.

Jay is meeting with David, but all he can see is April. He wants David to know that he will be fully accepted by the church, and Jay is focused on making sure that David gets into Heaven. When David calls out Jay for not referring to him by name, Jay admits that it is very hard for him to find balance between how he responds to David having always known him as April and what he believes the Bible teaches. Regardless, he wants David to know that the church welcomes him with open arms. I have to applaud Jay's honesty. He knows he's just a work in progress like everyone else.

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Noel is hosting his family for a dinner, and he and his brother joke about who is their mother's favorite son. His brother Randy wonders if Noel will ever marry again, and Noel wishes that he had spent more time with his family when he had the chance. Noel's mother has several laughs over Noel's cliches about the perfect woman as he says that if he retired from the ministry to spend more time with a wife, he'd just be leaving one job for another. Perhaps he should consider adding a stand-up routine to his Sunday service?

On their double date, Deitrick wonders how Ron and LaVette cannot drink wine but yet have Communion. Welch's grape juice, son! LaVette shares her love story with Ron that has led to thirty-one years of marriage and counting. Ron dives head first into marital counseling, and Deitrick immediately gets defensive with Ron's line of questioning, causing Dominique to tell him to calm down. The women joke about their passionate preacher men, but I think Deitrick needs to knock the chip off his shoulder. He really feels the need to prove he knows the scripture better than anyone else, doesn't he? Deitrick takes a lot of offense when Ron asks if he and Dominique are shacking? Where does the Bible say shacking is wrong, he screams. Dominique intervenes and tries to explain Deitrick's personality to Ron, and Ron reveals that he still gets counseling to keep himself in line. This news seems to soften Deitrick and they are able to end the meal peacefully.

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Loretta and Noel are playing chess, and she is questioning him about his family supper. Does his mother like her? Does it matter? Um, yes. It matters to Loretta, and Noel should care whether her mom likes him. Noel believes that until they take their relationship out of the friend zone, which seems to be marriage, they needn't bother with these silly feelings. 

After dinner, Ron's words are still ringing in Deitrick's ears as he asks Dominique if she'd like to come spend the night at his house. Thankfully, Deitrick reminds us over and over again that Jesus didn't have an opinion on shacking. Adultery? Yes. Fornicating? Yes. But shacking? Nope. Thankfully, Dominique stays strong and goes home to her mom. Ron is so proud.


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