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Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!  I hope you are enjoying the day with family, friends, and a delicious feast!  Me? I'm thankful that last night was the season finale of Preachers of L.A. Just kidding! I've grown rather fond of the men and their first ladies, especially Jay Heazlip, Wayne Chaney, and Ron Gibson's one-liners. Did Noel Jones reconcile with Loretta? How was Deitrick Haddon's second (technically third) wedding? Was Clarence McClendon there? Read on!

The episode begins with Noel dining with Loretta at her restaurant, and she is all dolled up for the occasion. They reminisce about how they met sixteen years ago and how their relationship has grown along the way. Loretta shares the story of the sex toys on fire at Dominique's bridal shower. Noel isn't surprised that the "dil-daws" went up in flames. God isn't a fan of kinky.

Deitrick and his family are singing in anticipation of his upcoming nuptials. His father interrupts the choir practice to discuss how proud he is of his son and the ob-stickles he's faced. Deitrick's dad is a man of few words, but he likes Dominique and blesses their relationship. Deitrick apologizes to his father for asking Noel to officiate the ceremony. His dad did his first wedding, and he doesn't want a repeat of that situation. His father totally understands.


Ron's sister has been in rehab for a month, and he is going to visit her to see how she's doing.  Shawn looks and feels better, and she seems to be in a very good place. Ron wants his sister to go to a church to continue with her recovery, but she admits that she's felt resentful towards God for turning Ron's life around and leaving her to flounder in addiction. She has a difficult time sharing this news with her brother, but he receptive to her doubt. They pray together, and I adore Ron even more.

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I don't think I've noticed until now that Jay and Christy reside in pretty regular digs compared to their compound-living counterparts. Jay wants to show Christy how much she means to him, so he's surprising her with tango lessons. Awww. Adorbs. Christy reveals that Jay isn't a dancer, and this is the first time they're dancing together. She finds it incredibly sweet that he's willing to leave his comfort zone for her. I do too!

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It's rehearsal time for the Haddons, and afterwards Deitrick bonds with his siblings over the difficulty of growing up in a family church because sometimes they don't talk about how they feel. His brothers and sisters are hurt that Deitrick didn't tell them when Dominique got pregnant. He was trying to keep the gossip contained, but his sister is upset that he didn't trust her. In an effort to be totally transparent, Deitrick admits that he and Dominique are already married. His oldest sister is pissed with a capital P! Deitrick asks for forgiveness. He starts preaching to his siblings and all is well with the Haddon clan.

At the Gibson abode, LaVette is dressed to the nines to head to the Dominican Republic for a conference. She and Ron are sad to miss Deitrick's wedding, but they are both excited about Shawn's progress in rehab. Meanwhile, Dominique is preparing Destine for baptism with Deitrick's father. Her mother Faye has an issue that his family wouldn't bless the child until the couple was married. Faye tells it like it is, for sure! Dominique hopes that her mother will be open to a friendship with Deitrick's parents. Good luck with that!

It's the day of Deitrick and Dominique's wedding, and Christy is primping for the event. She and Jay talk about the couple and how much they support their friends in this next step. They are certainly the most real out of any of these peeps, in my humble opinion. Meanwhile, Dominique and her ladies in waiting are prepping the big day. Also prepping are Wayne and Mysesha. He can't pick out the right socks to wear. He's not concerned about being late because, as he says, black people are always late, so essentially, they'll be right on time. I can't be sure, but I think they push back their schedule even more with a quickie.

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Deitrick is overseeing the finishing touches on the ceremony. Dominique can't believe what a huge production the entire thing is. She is not on board when Deitrick decides to break tradition and see her before the ceremony. He's shut down. Deitrick begins to worry when Noel is a no-show as he doesn't want his dad to perform the ceremony. Forty-five minutes before they are to walk down the aisle, Noel calls to tell him that he's stuck on a tarmac in Kingston…he should have chartered a private jet! He calls his sister to break the news to Dominique.

Jay arrives just in time and offers his services. He knows a lot about Deitrick which is evidenced by some prior scenes of Deitrick talking with Jay nowhere in sight. Okey doke. Jay wants to make sure that him performing the ceremony is alright with Dominique so he goes to see the bride and learn her hopes for the ceremony. Again, I heart Jay. Deitrick tells his father that Jay has stepped in, and his father is happy that things are working out for his son. The guests are arriving, and I'm glad to see that Wayne and Myesha are right on time and that Jay is wearing Chuck Taylors.

As Deitrick watches Destine walk down the aisle, he is overcome with emotion. He is able to pull himself together (a bit) when Dominique starts coming towards him. Jay performs a very quick ceremony, but that may just be Oxygen's editing. Kudos to him for pulling something together at the last minute. Deitrick's dad then blesses Destine. And then they kiss. And it's too much. Way, WAY too much. Scale it back with the tongues, people! After the ceremony, Deitrick brings his family together to reveal one final secret…Dominique is preggers again. Color me shocked! I guess even though they weren't shacking up before their secret vows, they were still doing a little summin' summin'!

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So McClendon was a no-show for the finale. Who joins me in thinking he wasn't too thrilled with how he was portrayed? No matter…I got my fill of Jay, Ron, and Wayne's cheeky grin. Again, I hope you all enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving!


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