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I must say that Preachers of L.A. has grown on me much more than I thought possible. I adore Jay Heazlip and Ron Gibson although only their wives  were featured last night. Wayne Chaney is definitely growing on me. Noel Jones is hilarious…not on purpose, which makes him even more funny. Deitrick Haddon no longer makes me want to change the channel. Clarence McClendon is also, yeah, um… 😉  At least he was on hiatus again. If this were Bravo, I'd classify him as a "friend of the preachers." 

Last night's episode begins with LaVette Gibson doing what she does best…meddling. She has called Jay's wife Christy and Wayne's wife Myesha to join her for lunch so they can impart some last minute advice on Dominique before she weds Dietrick. Of course the ladies don't know about their quickie marriage a few weeks before so they could cohabitate not in sin.  LaVette is sad that she and Ron will have to miss the ceremony due to a trip to Haiti. Dominique wants to know how the women enjoy their husbands outside of the church together. Myesha is quick to "connecting frequently" because she won't say "sex." LaVette likes to experiment with different locales when getting busy. As Dominique notes she's a pastor's wife in the streets but a freak in the sheets.


Dominique changes the subject to share her nerves about Deitrick's parents coming to town. Myesha is asking some pretty pointed questions. First she wonders if Deitrick's parents think less of her for having a baby out of wedlock. Christy tries to smooth her harshness by asking if his parents are more "traditional." Dominique reveals that his parents believed her to be a home wrecker in Deitrick's first marriage when in actuality she didn't meet him until he was already going through his divorce. Myesha then inquires as to what its like to know her future husband was married for ten years prior to her. Both Christy and LaVette raise their eyebrows at her line of questioning and try to change the subject.

Poor Noel isn't feeling well. Noel's security guy thinks that Noel is burning the candle at both ends with all of his traveling…and maybe he's lovesick. He tells Noel that the best medicine may be a phone call to LorettaIn preparation for their ceremony, Deitrick is waiting on his family to arrive, and he didn't tell them about their elopement. He and Dominique are chatting about her relationship with his mother. At their first meeting, Deitrick's mother basically believed that Dominique tricked Deitrick into sleeping with her so she could get pregnant on purpose. Deitrick thinks that Dominique is being too hard on his mom…she just wants the best for her son. I imagine there is no love lost between the ladies in Deitrick's life! Deitrick's folks arrive, and Dominique is admittedly intimidated. His mother makes herself at home in the couple's kitchen and keeps reminding her son–and Dominique–that there is no place like home for her son…her home!  She reminds me of Lil' Scrappy's Momma Dee!


The Chaneys are trying to juggle the activities of all of their children while prepping for Gospel Fest. Myesha is excited to be performing in addition to spearheading the event. That evening, Deitrick and Dominique treat his parents to dinner to break the news of the couple's marriage. His mother looks a tad confused, but she promises she's "okay." When Dominique invites his mother to her bridal party, she seems to soften. Deitrick's father is very stern, and he's ready to bless his granddaughter now that she is no longer a child out of wedlock. He also wants to restore his son after falling out of the grace of the church for his actions with Dominique. What's that whole underlying theme of the Bible again?  Oh yeah…no judgment.

It's the day of Gospel Fest. There is a packed crowd and no sound. That's not good!  Wayne isn't pleased to learn about this turn of events, and Myesha's stomach sinks. Not sinking is Noel's cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Visiting his doctor, he learns that stress is causing his health issues. The doctor hopes that Noel has someone in his life who will take good care of him. Hmmm…I wonder who that could be! Meanwhile, Myesha is bouncing around Gospel Fest to assure the audience that the sound will be up and running soon. Wayne is trying to keep cool, but he's clearly frustrated. Why didn't anyone (cough, cough Myesha!) conduct a sound check? Luckily, sound is restored, and Myesha is able to close out the festival. Girlfriend's got moves!  Her friends tease her for Jesus twerkin'. That one statement just made the entire show!

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Loretta plays it very cool (good for her!) when Noel shows up to her restaurant unexpectedly. I guess she can't be too shocked given the fact that she's got cameras in her face before he arrives. Loretta reveals that her life is amazing, and she only misses him a little. He shares his doctor's prognosis, and she's glad he's finally slowing down and taking care of himself. Noel tells Loretta how much he's missed her and hopes that she'll come back into his life. He sounds a tad wishy washy, and Loretta challenges that he's going to have to ask better if he wants her back. He's too proud to beg! Loretta holds her ground and will only reward him with an "I'll think about it." I think ol' Noel thought she'd jump at the chance to get back together!

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Deitrick's mom tells Dominique how much she's looking forward to the bridal shower and the ceremony. She apologizes to Dominique for how she first treated her when they met. Dominique shares how hard it was that his parents only considered Deitrick's situation and not the situation as a whole. Deitrick's mother understands how difficult it must have been, and the women discuss their issues like adults. Dominique forgives his mother, and they seem to have a fresh start to their relationship. That night, Loretta is hosting Dominique's shower at her restaurant. Deitrick's mother gives a moving and heartfelt speech to the crowd thanking Dominique for all she's done for her son. Up next? It's time to open gifts. I'm sorry, did she just get gummy panties? The rest of her presents have to be blurred. I don't think it's a coincidence that all the tissue paper goes up in flames, do you?


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