Deitrick Haddon Promises More Controversy On Season Two Of Preachers Of L.A.


Bring on more Bentleys and Bibles! Oxygen is singing the praises of Preachers of L.A. for giving the network a break-out series! On the heels of the popular and controversial reality show, Oxygen announced plans to spread the franchise to other cities, following the notorious "prosperity preachers" as they minister to their congregations while employing personal bodyguards and speeding around in a fleet of luxury cars. God wants them to to be financially superior to, oh, you know, the average movie star.

While there were some bishops and preachers who were legitimately fun and endearing on the show's premiere season, it isn't surprising to hear that the drama will be ramped up for round two. After all, the original gentlemen of L.A. don't want to be forgotten when other cities are added into the rotation!

CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE! recently shared Deitrick Haddon's interview with the Yolanda Adams Morning Show. You remember Deitrick? He's the gospel singer who felt shamed when his girlfriend got pregnant out of wedlock. After proposing he faced a lot of flack from peers about wanting to co-habitate before the wedding. He and his fiance were able to abstain from overnights (although that's all they abstained from!), only to announce at their wedding that baby number two was on the way. 

I have to admit, there is something genuine and likable about Deitrick. He's now promoting the show's sophomore season, and he shares that he's unsure if any new cast members will be added to the mix. However, Deitrick does promise, "All the guys that were there last season will be coming back." 

When asked about the series being so quickly franchised, Deitrick admits, "I knew the show would be successful. I'm surprised that they would spread it out so fast, but that shows us that people want to see more transparency." I think we'd all like to see a little more transparency in the form of an accounting of how the congregations offerings are spent!

Discussing the controversy that surrounded the first season, Deitrick teases that it will only be more dramatic now. He explains, "We've already shot scenes that are going to challenge everybody. People are not used to it–preachers being real. Preachers being transparent. That's why."

As long as my main men Ron Gibson and Jay Haizlip will be returning, I'll certainly be tuning in to watch! 


[Photo Credit: Oxygen]