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Last night's Preachers of L.A. was all about the ladies! While Deitrick Haddon and his fiance Dominique planned for their big day (so they could finally live under the same roof without "shackin"), Pastor Ron Gibson and his wife LaVette took it upon themselves to pray over Noel Jones and his friendship with LorettaClarence McClendon missed the party, but Jay Haizlip's  wife Christy and Wayne Chaney's first lady Myesha began to forge a fledgling friendship.

Well hello, Wayne!  We missed you last week!  His wife Myesha is hanging a poster of herself in his office, and she's hosting a tea party for pastors' wives. She wants to create a community of first ladies in the church. Not shockingly, all of the prosperity preachers' ladies are on guest list, although Myesha is on the fence about Noel's "friend" Loretta. You know, because Noel claims she's just a friend, yeah he claims she's just a friend (Oh, baby, you…you got what I nee-eed). Meanwhile, Ron is shoe shopping with some gang members to get them some proper church shoes. He wants Rick Dogg to see that there is so much to living running the streets.


Jay and Christy are going on a walk to decompress, and she admits that it's hard to make true friends as a preacher's wife. Christy is looking forward to the upcoming tea party, but she's wary because it is hard for her to make a connection with other women on a personal level. As they continue through the park, Jay spots a severely anorexic woman, and he approaches her to pray with her. She reveals that she has considered suicide, and she considers Jay approaching her to be an answered prayer. You go Jay!

LaVette is working at the church, and Myesha visits in hopes of getting some advice for her inaugural event. She wonders if fiances and girlfriends should be invited to attend. As far as LaVette is concerned, fiances should be there, but girlfriends are just a tad too far removed. Fortunately for Noel, Myesha has already made up her mind to extend Loretta an invitation. Over lunch, Dominique tells Deitrick about the upcoming tea party. He too is floored to learn that Loretta made the cut. Why should Bishop Jones' maybe girlfriend be a part of the first ladies' luncheon judges the engaged preacher with the child out of wedlock. Oh, hypocrisy!  Loves it!

Preachers of LA Ron

Salem's finest Ron is mentoring Rick Dogg and his friend Biggie, and the men are getting their brand new shoes nicely shined. When Biggie shows a sincere interest in learning more about the ministry, Ron is excited to see that his hard work is paying off, and these gentlemen may soon realize that there is more to life than gangs. Noel pops in on Loretta's new restaurant in which he has invested. The pair flirts as Loretta dishes up soup and news of her invitation to the tea party. Noel is concerned that Loretta is going to be grilled on their relationship, but she's convinced she can hold her own with this gaggle of hens.

After dropping off Rick Dogg and Biggie in Compton, Ron is convinced they are leaving the bridge to nowhere and embarking on the highway to Heaven. If this whole pastor gig doesn't work out, I think Ron could make a healthy living penning bumper sticker slogans. I do think what Ron is doing is amazing, and so far, he and Jay are tied for my favorite Oxygen reality star, um, I mean, preacher. At home, Dominique is enlisting her mother for a lot of baby-sitting, and complaining about the fact that she's not yet living with Deitrick. If they wouldn't face such judgment from his congregation, they could co-habitate before marriage.

Preachers of LA lunch

The big day has arrived and Myesha is channeling her inner Emily Post. She wants everything to go swimmingly. The women convene on the tea party with their hats, and it's a big ol' hat loving event. Christy explains she's more boho than high-brow, and the ladies dish about how hard it is to form true friendships with the women in their husbands' congregations. It's a fascinating dynamic when you think about it. Loretta speaks up, and LaVette starts with the questioning. Christy is very cute as she tries to diffuse the tension by trying to define Noel and Loretta's relationship "L.A. style," and we learn that Loretta and Noel's "friendship" has been going strong for sixteen years. LaVette thinks its far past time for Noel to put a ring on it. Loretta shocks the table by revealing that she may not want a ring on it! Quick, someone fan LaVette before the vapors take hold! Myesha interrupts to make sure her tea party doesn't go off the rails. Thankfully, Loretta laughs when LaVette promises to pray for her situation. After the tea party ends, LaVette decides to turn her "concern" to Deitrick and Dominique's living situation.

When LaVette returns home, Ron wants to know all the details on Noel and Loretta's friendship. He also wants to pray for them as he believes that they need to be married. Hey Ron, how 'bout using those prayers on someone who actually wants to be married?  Hit me up on the prayer list, brother! Across town, Christy and Myesha are shopping and rehashing the luncheon. Myesha is thrilled that Christy was able to come out of her shell, and Christy is happy that she's found a confidante. I want them to be biffles as they joke about each others' lingo. Gnarly! 

Preachers of LA Deitrick

In an effort to get a leg up on living together, Deitrick and Dominique are working on wedding details. As they tour the venue, Deitrick has a difficult time letting Dominique take the reins as far as planning is concerned. The wedding planner tries unsuccessfully to reign in the couple as they bicker about everything from bands to the menu. Having been married before, Deitrick wouldn't mind eloping. Of course, with some smooth talk, he's back in Dominique's good graces.


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