Report: Dina Manzo Forced To Join Real Housewives of New Jersey To Gain Financial Independence From Cheating Tommy Manzo!

Housewives of New Jersey Dina Manzo in the Hamptons

It's all but certain that Dina Manzo is returning to her old stomping ground on Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Many have questioned why Dina would go back to a show she has publicly blasted as fake and negative, but apparently Dina is in need of money if she wants to escape her philandering hubby Tommy Manzo. Didn't she marry him to escape poverty in the first place?

Dina recently announced the couple is separated, but reportedly they are both still living in the NJ mansion seen on RHONJ and Tommy continues to financially support Dina (and all her vacations!).

Now a source reveals that Dina desperately needs income if she wants to be able to afford her independence. What happened to her decorating business!? “Dina signed because she had little choice,” an insider reveals to Radar Online. 


“Here’s the thing, she wants to get a divorce from Tommy. They have a pre-nup that’s the size of a frigging phone book. If she divorces, she isn’t getting anything," the source explains. "She walks away with no house, nothing — so it’s either sign back with Bravo or you stay with the devil.”

“I think that’s one of the reasons she wants to do this," the source says referring to RHONJ. "And I don’t f****ing blame her. I’m proud that she would do something, even something she doesn’t like, to not be in a loveless marriage." 

Tommy has been cheating on Dina since day 1 – even before they married. It's allegedly the reason he refused to participate in RHONJ because he didn't want his extramarital behaviors to become part of the storyline. In fact, another rumor says that Dina signed onto the show initially because she was attempting to gain independence even then! “She’s caught him a number of times. It is disgusting,” says the source. 

According to the source Dina is returning with a heavy heart and knows it won't be easy, but none of her other career paths panned out. She attempted to launch a Lifestyle brand, had a failed party planning show on HGTV, and is currently releasing a book. “Housewives is an ugly job [and] is as rough as you get. They’re ruthless," the source acknowledges.

Dina also has concerns about what secrets may be revealed once she re-opens her life to the public eye. "She is going into the lion’s den. There’s no question. Dina’s got some skeletons and she knows it. But she [had] to make a choice… either she stays with a cheating husband or she does the show… so she signed.” 

Wow – I can only imagine what skeletons Dina has – and I can believe that's a major reason she would want Jacqueline Laurita off the show if she returned. Although Dina probably has just as many dirty details about Jacqueline's stripper past… Perhaps that's also why Dina distanced herself from Danielle Staub and chose to leave the show – she knew Danielle was digging into her past and had made some shocking discoveries! 

PS does anyone think this source is Kim G – it sounds like her for some reason. Maybe it's all the f-bomb dropping! 

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