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Last night's Preachers of L.A. had Bishop Ron Gibson helping his drug addict sister while Clarence McClendon grappled with death threats. Again. Whew!  It's hard being a filthy rich minister! Deitrick Haddon was still upset about living apart from his family so he devises a sneaky little plan. As for Jay Haizlip, Noel Jones, and Wayne Chaney? I guess we'll have to wait until next week to catch up with those cats!

As the show starts, Deitrick is hanging out at the playground with his future mother-in-law and he shares the big news that he's bought a house.  And not just any house–this casa has six bedrooms and seven baths (when can I move in?), but he promises not to shack up. Deitrick will wait until after the "I dos" before moving in Dominique and his daughter. Meanwhile, Ron is struggling with his sister Shaun's heroin addiction. He feels responsible for her fate due to his past drug problems, and he calls his family together in an attempt to save his sister. Ron knows he has the Lord on his side, but to get his sister out of the crack house, he's going to need the law as well.

Well, looky here! Clarence is biffles with P. Diddy's personal umbrella holder! He welcomes Farnsworth into his ginormous compound and compliments him on having as much swag as the bishop himself. Farnsworth and his wife have brought their new daughter to meet Clarence, and we learn that they are part of his congregation. Remind me why these men are dressed as twins? Clarence and Farnsworth talk about the hardships of fatherhood. It's not easy having to fly six hours first class to spend time with your family, and don't even get Clarence started on the people who are jealous of how successful his ministry has become. Thank God (no really) for security detail! Clarence reveals that his body guards have never had to deal with issues of this magnitude with the most A-list of celebrities, He seems very proud of this fact.


Dominique is floored when Deitrick takes her to see her future new home. Top of the line, y'all! She's sold on the "top of the line" walk-in closet. It's the perfect starter home for her family…and about seven other who could comfortably move in with them. There is one catch…Deitrick wants to get married right away so they can start to enjoy living under the same roof as soon as possible. Um, yeah. Dominique is sold on the big house, but she was also sold on the idea of a big wedding. Unfortunately, Deitrick isn't willing to live in the big house by himself, so they decide on a compromise. The pair will have a quick secret wedding so they can live together, and Dominique will still get to walk down the aisle at a later date.

Clarence is meeting with his security detail, and he may more men looking out for his well-being at any given moment than the President of the United States. In case we aren't aware of how dangerous his job is, Clarence gives us a run-down on all the instances when someone has tried to do him harm. He questions his team as to how they could allow some of these folks to get past their control. They all sit their like scolded children as Clarence explains that he only wants to protect his family and his house so he can keep doing Jesus' work. I'll let you infer what you will from this insane exchange.

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Heading into the inner city, Ron, LaVette, and Ron's sister want to help Shaun. Ron isn't scared of the old gang members on the block, but the young ones terrify him. He knows that they would kill their own mother if she got in their way. Shaun is sick from all of the drugs, and she is yelling at the camera men. Once they have her in the car, Shaun is on the phone with a drug dealer. LaVette tries to minister to her sister-in-law. The family realizes that while they were successful in getting Shaun out of the bad environment, they still have a long way to go. Ron takes his sister for meal of chicken and waffles (yes and please–delicious!) only to have her cornered by a drug dealer. Ron sternly tells the man to be on his way. Man, I love Ron! Shaun talks about how he's a friend who helps her get medicine when she's sick. LaVette reminds her that heroin isn't medicine, and Ron offers inpatient rehab. Shaun seems to want help, but I am not sure she's ready yet to accept it. It's heartbreaking. 

Even though the pair has decided to elope, Deitrick and Dominique's big wedding plans are still full steam ahead. He preaches to his brother about the hardships of not living with his daughter and his fiance. After sharing his secret ceremony with his brother, he catches some heat. Deitrick can't be bothered with pleasing everyone. Across town, Ron and his sister Teri are checking Shaun into the treatment facility. It brings back terrible memories for Ron and his past addictions. Ron just quoted "all the days of my life" from the Bible, and he couldn't be more Abe Carver from Days of our Lives right now. Coincidence? I think not. 

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Once again (Clarence apparently says that a lot), we are treated to another security meeting, and I am happy to see that Oxygen has implemented Bravo's scene snippet during the latter part of its episodes. It's a nice break from the actual show. Wait, is it bad I think that way? After a montage of the McClendon's sprawling estate, Clarence is sharing the threatening details with this sons. I don't think they care. Junior just wants to keep channeling his inner Bruno Mars while the young one just wants to play in the pool and order pizza. Can you blame him?

At his new digs, Deitrick welcomes his mother-in-law. He and Dominique fill her in on their plans not to shack up and to exchange some quick vows. Deitrick may not want to cross Faye. She is one tough cookie, and she is shocked to hear that they want her backyard as the setting for their first ceremony. She doesn't like the idea that Deitrick isn't going to tell his parents, but Faye gives her blessing as long as they promise to have their big, planned wedding. 

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On the heels of Shaun's problems, Ron feels called to share his family's tale with his congregation. The consummate storyteller, Ron is equal parts funny, heartwarming, and inspiring. I hope he doesn't accidentally take out one of the camera guys as he's running up and down the aisle of his church! That evening, Deitrick and Dominique are making things official. The pair has no need for a church or a fancy dress…heck, as long as they are not considered shackers in the eyes of God his congregation, it's all good. Faye gives Dominique's hand in marriage, but with no ring, Deitrick binds the couple together with some yarn around his new bride's finger. Well, there's that, I guess! Their first kiss seems to be quickly leading to a honeymoon in their new house, so I'm glad when the episode ends. Is that bad?


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