Teen Mom 3 Recap: Taking Chances


Season one of Teen Mom 3 is coming to an end. Slowwwly. Just before next week's finale, we see Alex Sekella celebrate Arabella's first birthday without Matt McCannKatie Yeager struggle with being single, Briana DeJesus date behind Roxane's back, and Mackenzie Douthit and Josh McKee play nice with Mackenzie's family. 

Arabella's first birthday is just a few days away.  Alex decides she'd rather Matt not come to the party – because he'll sulk when he has to share Arabella with others – but she welcomes him to one-on-one time with her on her actual birth day. Sadly, as of right now, Matt has not returned any of Alex's calls. His loss! Alex puts her baby daddy drama on the back burner to deal with her own daddy. She invites him to Arabella's party despite tension since she became a teen mom. He says yes. 

Katie obsesses over Joey Maes. She complains non-stop to poor Molli and whomever else is willing to listen.  Also?  Katie fails to see that she's equally responsible for their breakup. Perpetual victim, this one. Everything is Joey's fault. She'll never be able to forgive him. Blah. Blah. Unless he wants her back, then maybe… probably… definitely. This girl needs a serious reality check and an ounce of self esteem. STAT. 


Katie meets up with Joey to give him Molli for the weekend – pass the baby, call Joey an asshole, and here we go! 

"Funny how little you f–king care about me," she starts. Katie accuses Joey of purposely trying to make her miserable and throws coffee on him with Molli in her car seat at his feet. I swear Katie smirks. "I don't want you to f–k anybody else. Sorry I love you. Sorry I care about you," she continues. Then Katie begs Joey to apologize for breaking her heart,  to which Joey says,  "After what you turned me into, I'm not sorry." 


Moments later, Katie tells a friend that she's tired of fighting with Joey about everything. Gah. Then. Stop. Starting. Unnecessary. Fights. And new girlfriend Brigette and her baby meet Joey and Molli at the, um, mud. Or wherever one goes to race 4 Wheelers. Because what baby doesn't love 4 Wheeler races?

Brittany and Mom play with Nova – as per usual, while Briana focuses on herself – as per usual. Princess Bri decides she's not going to let Crazy Brows stop her from seeing Jacob.  It just needs to be on the down-low.  She's old enough to make her own decisions, she preaches, and right now she wants to hide under a blanket and giggle because she talked to a boy on the phone. 

The only problem? Briana doesn't know which pedal makes a car go and which makes it stop, so she doesn't have a driver's license. It's hard to live a secret life when Mommy drives you – and waits in the parking lot with snacks and juice boxes – every place you go.  Being the user that she is, Briana calls a friend and tricks her into taking her to meet Jacob — with man-hater-in-training Nova in tow.  Mom's brows are going to pop right off her face if she finds out.

Mackenzie tumbles while Mom cares for Gannon. Again. It's becoming more and more obvious that Mackenzie barely bothers with her child unless she's playing house with Josh. Mom knows she needs to reign in her bratty child, especially after she stormed out of the house late at night with a sleeping Gannon to see Josh, but Mom fears she'll push Mackenzie away. And Gannon by default.

Still, Mom tells her that display cannot happen again, and Mackenzie snaps back, "What? Making my own choices for my son?"  Mom is like, no, acting out and disrespecting your parents. Mom wants Josh to spend time with them as a family every once in a while also.  Mackenzie rolls her eyes, sighs, picks at her split ends, but agrees. 


Alex's dad comes to Arabella's party as promised. About Alex's situation, he says, "I love you both, but I'm still pissed. You're 18 years old and you're doing the job load of someone in their 30s."  She insists she's just fine. Meanwhile Arabella's first birthday comes and goes with no Matt in sight.  Alex feels sad but shrugs it off. His choice, not her's. No tears. No meltdown. No screaming. I personally think Alex is the only Teen Mom to show any growth this season.

Molli has a hard time falling asleep without breastfeeding and Katie struggles to fill her baby-and-boyfriend-free time, however, they each survive their first weekend apart. Katie hasn't come to terms with being without Joey though. "I never thought I'd be alone," she says. "But people who love each other don't do the things he does to me.  After all the things he's said to me to make me fight on purpose, he has yet to say he's sorry. I gave him everything I had."

Briana is so socially awkward. If she's not saying something incredibly dumb, she's giggling with her hand over her mouth. She thinks she's cute. She's not. And the big blue glasses? I can't even go there. Roxane catches a break, I guess, because I can't see any guy taking Briana seriously any time soon.

Briana talks serious about Jacob after two dates on the down-low with friends in tow. Jacob just talks to other girls on Twitter. Princess Bri gets on her high horse – whine, how dare he not cease all communications with other girls, blah, he's not worth the stress, whine.  Briana blocks his phone number and writes him off forever. 


Mackenzie breaks the news to Josh – her family wants him to stop acting like a major douche and start proving himself worthy of oxygen. She says, "It means a lot to me when you come and hang out with my family, and it means a lot to my family and Gannon too."  Josh mumbles a few non-words… stares at the clouds… kicks the grass… and eventually agrees to spend the next day at the lake with Mackenzie's family.

So, Josh definitely likes jet skis and he claims to have had fun at the lake, but he's a complicated one. Next week's previews show that Mackenzie and Josh's happier days are numbered.


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