Love & Hip Hop Recap: Everybody Plays The Fool

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Well, what do you know? Promises were kept on last night's Love & Hip Hop…although said promises caused some major blow-ups. Peter Gunz assured Amina Buddafly that he'd tell Tara Wallace about their relationship, and he does. Nya wants to keep her word to help out Erica Mena. Of course, that will certainly end well–everything with Erica always does!

After thwarting Amina's plans to tell Tara about her wedding to Peter, ol' Petey boy calls up Rich Dollaz for advice. They are having a meeting of the creeps, but just because Peter is a creep doesn't mean he's a bad person. He's just indecisive as to who he wants to have sex with on a regular basis. Speaking of creeps, Joe Budden is meeting with Nya at the strip club. They've developed a true friendship as only a stripper and hookah smoking patron can be. Professor Budden tries to dissuade Nya from collaborating with Erica Mena, but I am totally distracted by the dancer in the background whose arse is literally about to eat some gentleman's face. Thanks for the nightmares, VH1. Thanks a lot.

Peter stays true to his word for once and keeps his "tomorrow" promise to tell Tara about Amina. He invites her to come by the studio and halfway tells her that he's been diddling his artist for a little while. When she gets upset about the fact that he's cheating (yet again), he says she may need to shoulder some of the responsibility since the pair hasn't been getting along. Is he serious? She's slapping him every which way to Sunday before throwing his guitar and storming out of the studio. Tara feels so stupid for thinking that Peter had changed his cheating ways…as she should!


Erica Jean is shopping with her best friend Mystik, and Mystik isn't happy to hear that her pal is back with Saigon. Erica Jean tries to explain that she thinks Saigon has changed, but Mystik is convinced that he's a big ol' pile of poo. Even though Erica Jean wants to paint Saigon in a better lights, she tells her friend that he's requested a DNA test. That's a great way to get Mystik to like him…tell her that he basically thinks Erica Jean is a liar who was sleeping around on him. Mystik shocks Erica Jean by saying she should agree to the test. It will be the only way to get him to shut up while giving Erica Jean the upper hand. I like this Mystik chick. She's no nonsense.

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Amina is happy that Peter has told Tara about them until she learns that he didn't tell Tara that he was in love with her. Now she just feels like a side-chick, and it's not okay. Could Peter have been lying to her? Does he still have feelings for Tara? Could these women be any more dumb? Do they see how this man acts and hear the words that are coming out of his crusty mouth? They all seem to deserve each other!

Erica finally graces Nya with her presence after dodging her for a few weeks. Nya has the perfect track for Erica, but she needs Erica to focus and put her time in on the music. Erica is focused…on modeling, on clubbing, on making paper…and music in her spare time. The women scream about stripping and credibility before coming to the heated conclusion that they will never work together.

Tara has a tearful music montage in her bare apartment which only seems to house a sofa and a dirty refrigerator. She pines over pictures of Peter on her budget tablet before wiping her tears and deciding she deserves better. She meets with Yandy Smith who is upset for her friend. Yandy reminds her that Amina is the worst kind of side-ho because she has no respect for Tara's relationship with Peter. Tara is ready to wipe her hands of Peter (sure she is), but she still wants to confront Amina. Yandy promises to support her in whatever she chooses to do.

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After her volatile relationship with Rich, Erica has switched teams and is now in a relationship with a woman named Cyn. It's Cyn's first lesbian relationship, but she loves that Erica is showering her with adoration. Cyn wants to make sure that their physical relationship doesn't ever ruin their friendship. They compliment each other's boobs and vow to remain best friends for life if this fling goes sour.

Tahiry Jose reveals to Joe that she's gotten the movie role that will put her on location for six weeks. Joe thinks it is a bad idea for her to leave for that length of time when their relationship has been so rocky. At that moment, Tahiry finds a hair on their bed that doesn't belong to her…and clearly doesn't belong to Joe. It's no big deal. The Professor just had friends over to chat and they chose to sit on the bed instead of the living room. But wait, Tahiry wonders. Where are the pillow cases and why has he changed the sheets? Perhaps it's because make-up is smeared all over the linens. Joe calmly tries to convince an agitated Tahiry that she's insane for being jealous. It was a harmless slumber party. Oh Joe.

Over lunch, Rich and Yandy are discussing the love triangle that Peter Gunz has created. Neither of them want Tara to know that they knew of the affair beforehand, and they are worried about how their business decision to sign Amina is going to affect their friendships. Yeah, this is going to go over really well.

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Is it wrong that I'd already forgotten that Erica Jean and Saigon were on this show? He's happy that she's agreed to the DNA test, and she apologizes for cutting him out of her pregnancy. She only did it because he was incredibly verbally abusive to her, and that is totally not a good excuse not to be with someone. Erica Jean is going to make it up to him. Really, Mona, wherever do you find these loons?

Because he either has a very short memory or is a total idiot (can we say both?), Rich is entertaining the idea of working with Erica again. The former couple talk smack about Nya, and Rich is very intrigued to hear about Erica's new sex book and lady love. That night, he and Yandy go to check out Amina's performance. Yandy has plans to throw major side-eye at Amina before deciding whether she's right for their label. She is in the business of managing professional careers not messy personal lives.

Yandy is throwing shade that Amina doesn't even pick up on…until Tara arrives. Rich is in over his head and high-tails it away from the table. Maybe he's smarter than he looks!  Nope, he's back. Amina and Tara are calmly sharing their sides until Amina reveals that Peter loves her. No way, says Tara. Prove it. Amina slams down her marriage license and Tara slams her face. A poor production assistant gets the brunt of it, and I'm sorry, but the grin on Rich's face is absolutely priceless.


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