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Dear Preachers of L.A., Why did you have to turn last night's episode into a platform for the many commercials of Pete Wentz's Best Ink? To tat or not to tat, that was the ONLY question. Don't get me wrong, I loved seeing Jay Heazlip and Ron Gibson do what they do best which is warm my heart and pump me up, respectively. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the spunky side to Wayne Chaney, although his wife got a bit too Judgy McJudgerson. I honestly didn't miss Noel Jones or Deitrick Haddon. Oh, and Clarence McClendon was there, too. 

Ron is getting spiffed up at the barber shop because he's the key note speaker at an upcoming minister's conference. The other shop patrons question Ron about his thug swagger. Doesn't he want to be a part of the board at church? Ron isn't willing to give up his trademark bling just to fit in with the more conservative clergy men. Speaking of conservative, welcome back Clarence.  We missed you…maybe? He's recruited his oldest son to help out with his ministry. It's a  bit of a challenge for both of them.

Loretta has invited Myesha and Christy to her restaurant to bond over food, and Myesha is very hesitant to try some of the dishes. The ladies discuss Deitrick and Dominique's upcoming wedding that Noel will be officiating. Myesha asks how the others feel about couples having babies out of wedlock, and Loretta responds she doesn't judge anyone…not even Christy for her tattoos. Myesha looks appalled and tries to explain away her aversion to tattoos, but she's digging herself a deeper hole by comparing tattoos to sinning. Christy then schools Myesha with Scripture, and Loretta coaxes Myesha to admit that getting a tattoo doesn't make someone a bad person.


Did someone say tattoo? Jay is stoked to get a new old school vintage sparrow inked somewhere on his body. He tells Christy that Wayne has asked to join him. Christy is shocked!  Doesn't Wayne know that his wife is totally opposed to tattoos? That night, Wayne admits to Myesha that he plans to go to the tattoo salon with Jay. She find it totally inappropriate as one's body should be a temple. Wayne reminds her that she paints her face daily with make-up and punched holes in each earlobe. Myesha isn't winning any of these tat battles, is she?

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Clarence is working with his son about the message that his son is planning for the upcoming service. While he wants to give his son more responsibility, he's worried that Cameron may not be going in the exact direction that Clarence had hoped. Cameron is thinking younger, but Clarence needs him to think broader. Seeking the advice of LaVette, Ron shares his exchange at the barber shop. He wonders why people consider him to be slightly arrogant, out-spoken, and boisterous. LaVette kindly answers that he is all of those things. He needs to tone it down, and hearing it from LaVette is making him reconsider his upcoming speech.

Not only does Jay skateboard and like tattoos, he also hangs out with one of the band members from Korn. They talk about the importance of not judging others by the way they look. Jay jokes that if he judged people on appearance, half his congregation wouldn't be in his congregation. Korn guy loves proving people wrong because often times people get a skewed impression of him because of all of his ink. His biggest pet peeve is those Christians who think all other Christians needs to be exactly like them. Amen, Korn. I heart Jay.

At his father's church, Cameron to take to the stage (pulpit?) of his father's church. I feel like I'm watching a middle-aged Carlton Banks wax poetic about his son when Clarence worries about the job that Cameron will do. The only thing missing is the peacock mascot costume and Carlton's signature dance. Cameron is very talented, and he and Clarence then discuss his potential to become a great Christian artist.


It's time for Ron's sermon in front of the convention, and he's wearing his finest Miami Vice attire. That Ron is one dapper dude. He is preaching up a storm, stripping off layers and yelling about faith and swag. The congregation is extremely moved.  The elders? Not so much. He reminds them that they, too, thought he was just too much. However, you try to tell Ron that he can't do something, and he'll prove you wrong. He's got the entire crowd on their feet. I also heart Ron.

Wanting to hone his son's gift, Clarence has booked some time for Cameron in the recording studio. Cameron admits that he enjoys writing secular music like love songs. Would his father have a problem with him singing at a club on Saturday night and leading the music at worship on Sunday morning? Clarence understands his son's conflicts but thinks he will be able to reach all kinds of people with all kinds of music. It's all God's plan.

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Wayne accompanies Jay to the tattoo parlor, but he's still undecided about whether he wants to get his own. He knows that a happy wife helps with a happy life. Ron is along for the ride wearing his finest cruise wear. While we're on the subject of cruises, does Ron kind of look like the bartender on Love Boat? Ron jokes that he's going to get "Thug Life" donned across his belly. He's only kidding. Think before you ink! Man, I love a Ronism. Myesha is terribly out of her element. Jay thinks it's awesome that the others are able to step outside of their comfort zone. Wayne knows better than to cross his wife though, so he leaves sans tat.  Obviously.


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