Dimitri Charalambopoulos Speaks Out! Denies Camille Grammer’s Claims Of Domestic Violence And Abuse


Camille Grammer ​recently came forward alleging that long-time boyfriend Dimitri Charalambopoulos physically assaulted her just days after she underwent surgery for a radical hysterectomy

The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star obtained a temporary restraining order against Dimitri as a result of the incident which occurred on October 15th and 16th in a Houston, TX hotel room and claims she was held victimized for hours in fear for her life. Sources reveal this was not the first time Camille was harmed by Dimitri.  

Speaking out to Access Hollywood, Dimitri denies Camille's claims although he does not offer any reason for why she would accuse him of domestic violence. Admitting, "There was a verbal altercation. And it was heated." Dimitri maintains he did not physically assault Camille. 


Camille alleges Dimitri held her down, slammed her face into the bed, restrained her wrists, pulled out clumps of her hair, and also broke her iPhone to prevent her from calling for help. Camille also sustained a black eye according to photos she submitted into evidence. Dimitri says all of her accusations are quite simply "not true." 

"I had been caring for Camille for several days. On the night of the 15th I got in bed with her," he recalls. Dimitri says the couple was cuddling and watching TV until he fell asleep. Then he was awakened by Camille who was "obviously very angry." Camille told police the argument began when she discovered texts and phone calls from another woman, who began calling Dimitri's phone around 1:30 am. 

Dimitri says the texts came from a friend of his who was actually helping to facilitate Camille's surgery. According to him, the two were playing phone tag "via text message" all day and she was checking in to see if the couple needed anything. Dimitri turned the alleged text messages over to Access Hollywood and he insists the woman has a boyfriend. 

Dimitri's attorney, Kirk Lechtenberger, believes the injuries to Camille's wrists were side effects from her radical hysterectomy. "They were in all likelihood from the IV," he says. "As for the black eye – anyone who's ever had a black eye knows that's not a black eye. If anything it's a bad mascara job." You can see for yourself on the video. Dimitri does admit that he left the hotel room later that night following their argument because he feared Camille would get him in trouble. 

Houston police are still investigating the case. A record of a 9-1-1 call has not been released and the police will not confirm whether or not they have spoken to Dimitri about the events. Dimitri says in an effort to be proactive and prove his innocence he has taken two independent polygraph tests. The results: "No detection indicated." 

"I just wanted to get the truth out," Dimitri says, "because this was attacking my character." 

Camille's attorney, meanwhile, has been trying to serve Dimitri with a restraining order but hasn't been able to locate him because he is "obviously hiding." Furthermore a source that saw Camille shortly after the alleged assault state there is "no way" Camille's injuries could have been caused by the surgery as Dimitri's attorneys posited. 

Well, this is quite a horrific situation. 

[Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com​]