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It has been a busy week for Teresa GiudiceThe Real Housewives of New Jersey star was in court on Wednesday to officially plead not guilty on two new charges of fraud.  Last night the mother of four stepped out with hubby Joe to attend a charity event for Nephcure

Teresa took to Twitter to share a few snaps from the night and to gush about helping such a worthy cause. 

I know that Teresa was involved with Nephcure before the Federal indictments were handed down, but I'm sure her new crisis PR management team, headed up by Wendy Feldman, is encouraging her to do anything that looks good right now. 

Wendy spoke out yesterday to E!, explaining how she and Teresa got connected and why we should feel bad for the Giudices during this stressful time. 


Oh that Jill Zarin, she gets credit for everything!  Jill is behind the meeting of these two.  Wendy explained. "Teresa and I met through Jill Zarin. Jill is one of my closest friends. We don't have a working relationship, but she was the one who connected Teresa and myself."

She explained what exactly her role is in Teresa and Joe's case.  "What I do with Teresa and Joe is what I do with a lot of celebrities in crisis management. People going through this needs a shoulder to lean on who understands the process. I act as her publicist, as her crisis manager and I'm helping her with her brand. I'll also be helping her with the show when it starts up again in a few weeks."

Her goal is to help clients "focus on the positive, because there's so much negative."  With Teresa and Joe, "we're taking it day by day. This is going to be a very long, tough process."

And Wendy wants us to cut Teresa a break, she IS a mom after all….  "What I want people to realize is that this is a woman with four children who has to play out a sad, unfortunate situation in public. This is a wife, this is a mother, this is a daughter, this is a friend."

I know Teresa's innocent until proven otherwise, but it's a little lame to pull the "she's a mom, you guys!" card.  Joe's a dad, too, but they didn't think very hard about that when allegedly frauding the mortgage companies and blowing off their tax return filings. Just sayin.


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With my friends that are supporting my cause and if you want to make a donation at @Nephcure.

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With David Cone and his wife @Nephcure

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With my good friend Dane Levine Love her

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