It's your daily dose of TMI straight from the mouths of babes…and by "babes" I mean "kids" or "young people" not "hot chicks" just so we're on the same page. Today's skin crawl-worthy update comes to us from the newly separated Courtney Stodden. Bless her heart. 

In a recent interview, the reality star (is that what we should call her?) and former child bride of Doug Hutchison opens up about what went south in her relationship. Apparently, the eighteen-old-started looking at him as less like a husband and more like a (I'm just going to say it) father-figure. Plus, she likes wild and crazy sex, and Dougie just couldn't keep up in his old age. Someone please pass the bleach.  There are some things the imagination just can't unsee. {Shudder}


Speaking to Too Fab, Courtney shares, "Doug and I were in love, but over time that love shifted into something that wasn’t romantic anymore. I think the age difference is obvious, and I lacked experience, and I think that definitely is 99.999% of it," continuing, "I think I didn’t have experience being youthful or experience being single, so definitely the age difference and the lack of experience."

Age wasn't the only factor in the couple's demise. Courtney explains that she just needed more oomph in the bedroom. She tells the site, "Our sex was good. I’m not going to lie, but I’m a young girl who wants to experience sex of all kinds and he’s an older man and he’s slowing down a little bit. I just wanted more sex." I would've never guessed that would happen, would you? #jklol

The pair is still sharing a house for the time-being, and Courtney reveals that they are trying to figure out their finances given the fact that they had no prenuptial agreement. She claims, "I did offer him a prenup but he did not want to sign one. I offered and he said, ‘I don’t want to do that because I trust you and we’re getting married.’ He didn’t want a prenup. So we’ve talked about what we want to do financially now."

As for dating again, Courtney admits, "I’m going to try to lower the age a little bit, that’s my goal. I’m not planning on going out with another 53-year-old, that’s for sure. I mean, people say age is just a number and I said that also and obviously age isn’t just a number," adding, "I'm excited to taste new things." Eww and ewwww.

The stripper shoe loving gal concludes, "I want to do it all. I consider myself a 21st century Renaissance girl … so stay tuned!" Ten bucks says she can't define (or spell) Renaissance!


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