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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud opened up about her decision to join the show and didn't hold back when dishing on her fellow castmates. 

Joyce chatted with Steppin' Out magazine's Dan Lorenzo in their latest issue, due out December 18th.  Joyce covered everything from who she'd stay in contact with if the show were canceled  and explained why she finally caved and worked with her producer hubby. 


Did you have any reservations about joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  "I did. A lot. When the offer came I had just finished Siberia. I talked about it with my husband and my mom and my best friend. The show is such an amazing platform to do whatever you want. I never heard of any of these ladies before the show as I'm sure not a lot of people ever heard of me before I was on the show. It's been such a great platform for anything they want to promote. When you're given a platform like that you can either use it to be negative and mean or you can use it for great things." 

If the show got canceled tomorrow would you associate with any of these women again?

"With some of them yes. 100%!  Kyle is a dear friend and I really like her. She was one of my favorites to work with. Some of the girls that I thought I would like, like Brandi, I don't like at all. If the show was canceled, people like Brandi 100% not. With Carlton for me it was a really tough experience because with Brandi at least…she's very conniving and she lies a lot and twists things around a lot, but at least if she's going to be mean, she's mean to your face." 

She continues, "Carlton and I never had a problem, yes I feel that she's very icy towards me, but I think maybe she's just an icy person very cold, a little bit dismissive, but to my face she never told me anything. At the end of filming she and I were in a really good place. For me to be watching the show and seeing what she thought about me back then I was like, "Wow. I wish you would have told me to my face. We could have talked it out." Bravo makes us write blogs on the blog are written in the "now". I see her judging me and labeling me on the blog and I'm thinking, "Seriously? We just had a one hour conversation about how you love me. You said, I have your back 100%" then I see her blog and she's calling me stupid.

Did you have to sleep with the producer (her husband Michael) to get the lead role in Siberia?  "It helps! It helps to be with the producer. We've been together ten years and I never wanted to do any of his movies and he's done many in the time we've been together. He's been nominated for an Oscar for Capote, he's done many movies where he's told me, "Baby-do a small part. There's many roles in here for you." A lot of directors he's had would say, "Joyce, you're an actress. Why don't you want to be in our movie?" (laughs) I just never wanted to. I rather go to a million auditions and get my one little part as opposed to getting a part just because of whom I'm married to. When Siberia came along the director and I spoke and he told me there was a part just perfect for me. When I read it I loved it." 

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