Love & Hip Hop’s Tahiry Jose Talks Growth, Love Triangles, And Criminal Justice!

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You know what? Every week I snark on the women of Love & Hip Hop for being huge dolts and letting the idiot men in their lives make them look like fools on national television. I'm not going to stop now. Wake up, Tara Wallace! See the light, Amina Buddafly! All this drama over Peter Gunz? I'll never understand it, and this is coming from a girl who has had her fair share of winners in the dating lottery and made several of the mistakes these ladies continue to make. No, I've never secretly married another woman's boyfriend and tattooed his name on my rib cage (yet), but I have certainly believed a liar or three.

Speaking of another L&HH damsel who keeps finding herself in the same predicament is Tahiry Jose. The poor girl tries to stand up to Joe Budden, but the nutty professor is always able to lure her back and somehow make her feel guilty for his bad behavior. It's diabolical…he should be a politician!


In an interview with Latina, Tahiry discusses the wacky love triangle among her co-stars as well as her ups and downs with Joe. I do have to say that Tahiry has certainly done a much better job of keeping her fiesty temper in check this season–so far–and she attributes that improvement to the show. Tahiry also reminds viewers that this is all very real (um, sure), and that it's hard to know Tara is watching the show and seeing what Peter says behind her back. Now that I believe…

Check out an excerpt of her interview below!

After watching so far this season, we can see why things have gotten a bit rocky between you and Joe Budden again. What are some of the lessons you've learned from your relationship with him?

I’ve learned from all the situations I’ve gone through with Joe. It’s hard to go through heartache and pain, and in relationships it’s hard to deal with these kinds of situations, but ultimately you grow from them. Then you start to really know what you want and what you’re looking for. So it’s never a mistake, it’s just a lesson learned and experience, and you need that in order to grow.

Do you feel the real Tahiry has been portrayed well on the show?

Absolutely man! With me, I walk in there and I can only be me. What you see is what you get, so thus far, I’m okay with how I’m being portrayed. I am that emotional. I am that fiery Latina. I try to keep it as real as possible even when we are put in situations you wouldn’t put yourself in regularly. But yeah, what you see is Tahiry all the way.

What do you want viewers to think of when they see you?

I’m sure a lot of women can relate to my situation. I think that what I’m going through in my relationship and even dating a rapper, it’s really relatable and happens in regular life. So yeah, I want the audience to know I’m just a regular women going through regular life situations, it just so happens to be in the spotlight. And I choose to share it just because if I can help one person, it’s pretty dope.

So there has been a lot of drama already, even between you and Nya, what can you tell us about that? Are things going to continue to heat up?

Again, second season there’s growth, even in the way I see certain situations or the way I deal with certain situations is a little different. After watching myself on the first episode, I wouldn’t necessarily say I was extremely proud of the way I’ve handled certain things, so it’s caused me to take a step back and not to resort to just being this fire cracker or putting my hands on anybody.

Are you going to see anything else that has to do with drama and fights? Well, you know, it’s Love and Hip Hop, there’s always going to be something juicy, and dramatic, and intense. And again I can only be me and I’m human, so you guys should just tune in and watch.

What are your feelings on this whole Peter Gunz/Amina/Tara situation? Things have gotten so crazy!

Lord Jesus Chris, I’m sorry Peter but God! Wow. I’d probably be doing some time. No but seriously, its really, really, really a crazy situation. A lot of people text me asking if it’s real or just happening for TV, but it’s real! It’s messed up. I can just tell you from my experience on reality TV from last season and watching these episodes; I had to relive these situations with Joey and his girl at the time that I didn’t even know existed. So while I’m watching, I want to hug Tara, because she’s watching these episodes as we watch and you’d be surprised on half of these things.

I can trash Peter, but you know people go through these kinds of situations. He decided to take it that route and it’s really crazy to me! Amina like…wow! I mean, I guess God gives people what they can handle because I probably would have really lost it. Tara does a really good job of keeping it together. But then you have to think there are three sides to every story. You have to think about Tara: Peter says the relationship wasn’t doing great, he was on the couch. Then you have to think about how a man strays when he’s going through those situations at home, sometimes.

And then you have Amina who says, “I didn’t know,” but Tara says that she knew. You know, it’s a really sticky situation! I’m just concerned about these kids. You know what I’m saying? Like the world is watching this, to be quite honest. Everyone asks me about Peter, Tara, and Amina, but nobody says these kids. They go to school and their parents are on TV, so it’s a really hard situation to be in.

Is there something fans don't know about you that you would want them to know?

I am Latina. Which at the end of the day, I don’t care if people think I’m Asian because we’re all human. But what they often also don’t know is that I have a college degree. I have a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, so I’m more than the nice pair of buns people seem to always talk about. And I have a brain. I work really hard. Also, that I’m not perfect. That’s it.

Criminal Justice, eh? I never would have guessed. 


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