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Phaedra Parks Set To Appear On Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition

It’s been years since we saw Phaedra Parks on Real Housewives of Atlanta. And if it weren’t for how dirty she did costar Kandi Burruss, I would take her back over NeNe Leakes any day. But before all that went down, Phaedra had the best shade, the best kids and the most dramatic marriage situation. She was a true renaissance woman to boot. A lawyer, mortician and creator/star of the Donkey Booty workout. Phaedra did it all.

And she gave us a truly real-life dramatic breakdown of her marriage with then-husband, Apollo Nida. Don’t get me wrong, it was more scary than dramatic when he showed up to get his things and stormed around their house, despite being on camera. But it was a moment that was the most real, even when reality tv sometimes scrapes for a storyline. I felt for Phaedra in that moment.

So we all know that marriage didn’t last. Apollo has long since left prison moved on and so has Phaedra. But you know what they say, new man, new problems. Ok, they don’t say that but I’m saying it. That’s why People is reporting that Phaedra and her boyfriend, rapper Medina Islam, are part of the next cast of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.

The pair have been dating since March of 2019. Despite meeting on a dating app, Phaedra says she “knew him from around town in Atlanta.” She said of Medina, “You know, he used to be on a show here so we have a lot of mutual friends. One of my best friends is one of his best friends as well.”


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Phaedra previously described Medina as “a really great guy.” She gushed,”He’s very calming and soothing and mild-mannered. I always dealt with the bad boys, and he’s very opposite from any guy I’ve ever dated. So that’s refreshing.” But being together for over a year has given them plenty of time to cultivate some issues. Despite it being called Marriage Boot Camp, those issues have qualified them for a spot on the show.

It looks like one of their biggest problems might be their long-distance relationship. I think it’s safe to assume this will be addressed on the show as a sticking point. According to Phaedra, “It’s hard doing the long distance, especially bi-coastal because L.A. is a super long flight, outside of just the time difference. But we’ve been making it work! He’s an actor so he’s New York quite a bit, and then he comes to Atlanta, and I get to L.A. to see him as well.”


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Hoping this relationship works out better than her last.


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