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Dr. Michael Niccole, known to us all as Alexis Bellino‘s plastic surgeon, is getting some attention of his own today!

The Real Housewives of Orange County regular, who also gave Vicki Gunvalson her mid-life crisis faceover, recently described his two daughters as walking advertisements for his Orange County practice, Cosmeticare Plastic Surgery Center And Med Spa.

If you recall in an episode of RHOC the ladies even had a botox party there – remember Alexis worked for Dr. Niccole! He also did her nose job, which was completely for medical reasons of course…

Dr. Niccole‘s two daughters Brittani and Charm have been the recipient of several of his procedures, including boob jobs! In fact Charm got her first operation at aged 10 when Dr. Niccole – HER DAD – turned her outie belly button into an innie. It’s called a navel lift!

“Having surgery done by my dad makes sense – he’s the best at what he does and I know I’m in safe hands,” Charm, 25, explained. “Every other month I’ll get something done to my skin.” Mostly botox and peels. She also gets botox under her armpits to prevent sweating! #necessities


When I graduated high school Dad surprised me by saying, ‘I’ve scheduled you in to have your boobs done next week.’ I was so excited,” Brittani gushed to Barcroft Media. She said she wanted the boobs since she was 15, but her parents made her wait. 

Brittani, who also got a nose job along with new boobs, is more than happy to have her father perform her surgeries.

“Some people say, ‘Isn’t it weird that your dad has seen your breasts?’ and I say no,” Brittani shared. “First of all I’m his daughter and he’s seen me naked when I was a baby, so really who cares? Secondly, he sees thousands of boobs a year so a boob to him is just an object like a pen. It’s just what he does.”

“There are people that would critique me for doing a breast augmentation on my daughter at 18. But I’ve been doing surgery for 30 years and I wanted the best of care, which I feel I can deliver to my daughter,” Dr. Niccole said in his defense. “Nobody, nobody would treat my daughter the way I would.” 

They also reveal that all of their friends get work done by their father. And they are more than happy to be an advertisement for his work! “Random people even will find me on Facebook and will say, ‘Oh are you Dr. Niccole‘s daughter? I was thinking about getting this procedure done, can you help me?’ I give their information to a consultant. It’s a family business so I’m contributing and so it’s good,” Brittani shared. Well, she’s earning her keep! Or should I say her nose jobs. 

Apparently their mom Penny was initially against the girls getting work done, but eventually she relented. “In Orange County you are judged on your looks. there’s just so much pressure on everyone to look perfect,” Charm insists, stating even in job interviews one must be the best looking candidate to be hired. 

Dr. Niccole maintains that he has never encouraged his daughter’s to have their looks altered, but that is the world they live in. “They have grown up in an environment of beauty. Our cars are always immaculate, our house is immaculate and all our friends are beautiful,” he says. “You could say they were influenced by that environment. They understand the importance of looking and maintaining your beauty the rest of their lives.”

Well, this is all fascinating! Here’s another link which features Charm getting botox from her dad. And you can see photos at The Daily Mail. 

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Brittani & Charm: Walking advertisements, y’all! [Credit: Facebook]

alexis-nose-jobAlexis before and after nose job

alexis-bellinos-new-nose-rhooc-3-20-12_std.originalDr. Niccole working on Alexis [Credit: Bravo]

vicki-new-faceVicki: Before and After. It should be noted the photo on the right is immediately after surgery and she looks better now.

Dr. Michael Niccole and Real Housewives of Orange County Star Alexis Bellino Viewing Party

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