Pregnant Jenelle Evans Arrested After Fight With Nathan Griffith

 jenelle evans mugshot

Jenelle Evans was just telling us that we would see her in a whole new light – as a Teen Mom success story – on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2.  And then the pregnant reality star got arrested.  Again. 

Jenelle was reportedly fighting with boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith.  Her neighbors told InTouch, "Jenelle must have gotten into a fight with her boyfriend, and locked him out of the house. He was banging on the door, and someone must've called the cops. They showed up soon after and Jenelle was originally hesitant to let them in. When she finally opened up, they went inside and next thing you know she was being brought out in handcuffs."

The police department confirmed Jenelle's arrest,  "She was arrested at about 6pm tonight on a charge of Breach of Peace and has been released on bond. I will not have details until Monday when I can get an incident report."


Jenelle took Twitter tonight to defend herself, claiming the neighbor is harassing them non-stop and sold the story to InTouch. Here's a rundown of her Tweets.

"Dude u can say what u want. The cops r sooooo annoyed by my neighbor constantly calling the cops on our dog and shit.."

"Went as far as my mom yelling at my neighbors if they don't stop she will sue them. She did it to sell a story."

"I've been in my house all day long… She even said Nathan was outside yelling at my mom on the phone… Lmfao no he wasn't"

"She even snapped pics of my mom and myself… The cops were SPYING for 3 hours from MY NEIGHBORS WHO CALLED! It's all BS…"

"lmfao me and Nathan weren't fighting she made it all up, Nathan voice is loud and he walks around outside to talk on the phone".

"the cop told me to go and press charges for harassment cuz she said those neighbors call at least 3 times a week for BS"

"I've been home all day… I was only in there (jail) for 30 mins , none of u even knew a f**king thing until she sold the story"

"my mom is sooooooo mad at the neighbors she even wanted me to stay with her tonight to get away"

"dude I was about to head to @DolphRyan house for a few days! No lie , that's why my mom even drove here to see wtf was goin on". 

Why was Jenelle heading off to a friend's house for a few days? Sounds fishy to me, like they really were arguing. 

This will make for an interesting entry in her baby book, right? "Month three in utero: you made your first visit to the county jail with mommy!". 


Photo Credit: Splash