Joyce Giraud is making it clear that she's not very fond of several of her co-stars on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  The beauty queen takes to her blog this week to slam Yolanda Foster, Brandi Glanville, Carlton Gebbia and average looking girls everywhere in one fell swoop. 

Joyce starts off on Yolanda's dinner party, "At the very beginning of the episode we see Yolanda saying "I'm almost 50 years old. We don't do teams. She then adds: "We are not in high school." Wouldn't it be great if she could keep her word. . . Yolanda says she wanted to go out of her way to make her dinner beautiful — and she did prepare a dinner with fantastic food, a stunning setting, and excellent performers."  She circles back to these words later in her blog.


Joyce then irritates me by pretending this "date night catch up" with her husband happened right after her Palm Springs trip, when we now know that it went down months later after filming had already wrapped.  "At our date night dinner I was telling my baby everything that happened in Palm Springs. He was speechless to hear how bad things were. I just wish I would've gone to the beautiful Colony in Palm Springs with my children and my husband. We would've had an amazing time. As I was filling him in I got so upset and said I should've probably said Brandi is a whore. . .I'm glad I didn't. Even though she refers to herself as a one all the time and chooses to call me one. It's such an ugly word towards any woman that I'm happy I didn't call her that. Although I must admit my patience with Brandi is really reaching it's limit. I can't deny anymore that she is truly starting to anger me. "

Joyce gets uppity at Carlton over her sex room segment, "Then we see Carlton with her beautiful nanny preparing a "playroom." Even if perhaps it's a bit intimate and awkward to prepare this for the world to see, I think its fine to have a playroom — if that floats their boat. The fact though that it is coming from the person who managed to act upset when my husband joked about the movie Failure to Launch and its reference to a naked room, seems more than double standard? You are really upset that other people joke about a naked room while you are making an entire sex room?"

Back to the dinner party and the Yolanda/Brandi bashing, "As we arrived at Yolanda and David's home I expected a great night, and I was convinced that Brandi would not dare to provoke another scene at her friend's house. It was simply too beautiful of a setting that I didn't think anyone would be tacky enough to ruin the night."  

She thinks Brandi is projecting her own insecurities when she said Joyce was jealous of Gigi, "As I said in the episode, Gigi is a gorgeous girl, inside and out. she is sweet and gentle. It was upsetting to see Brandi, yet again, trying to talk s—. Telling Gigi that I was jealous of her. And hearing her say that I am always jealous of anyone younger in the room is almost comedic — she must be trying to reflect herself in me. I am not a jealous girl. To the contrary I love to empower young girls! That's why I created a pageant for stunningly beautiful girls to have a great platform. And many times when you come to my house I have up to 50 stunning girls (much younger than myself) at my house preparing them for the Queen of the Universe Pageant."  Suck it, average girls, Joyce doesn't have time for you. 

Joyce continues on, "When Yolanda at the dinner table flat out proclaims that she has the "The Dream Team" was disheartening. Seriously? Weren't you the same person who is preaching and spreading your wisdom that we are too old for teams and that you are not in high school? This is the behavior of a mean sorority girl. Let me teach you something about being a good host: no matter how beautiful your house and your table is set, if you invite your guest with the clear intention to make them feel second tier, this is classless and it is tasteless. Dream team? They are a NIGHTMARE TEAM! Thank God my husband tried to fix the situation and painted all of us non-dream-teamers a heart himself."

She is tired of Brandi's attacks, "As I was making the toast Brandi interrupted me on multiple occasions. She even said "Shut the f— up we're not in Miami" I don't understand why Brandi always feels the need to attack me. I have tried so hard to understand and even justify her behavior at certain times but I'm fed up with her being so condescending. Watching the show I am realizing even more what a big hypocrite she is."

Joyce doesn't like the way Brandi was talking to her husband, "Watching Brandi ask my husband if he's a baby or a man? At this point Brandi has met my husband once before for about two minutes at Kyle's party. And she talks to him like this? Brandi. . .he is MY baby and MY man. And he is strong enough and successful enough that he loves my nickname and knows it comes from a place of great love. Stop being so jealous! Stop being so negative and maybe then you could find your own baby or whatever you prefer to call him. Focus on being happy. After all; Who wants to be around someone who is constantly judgmental, mean and drunk?" 

Brandi needs rehab, in Joyce's opinion, but she's not going to be the one to intervene, "My husband is very protective of me and as you could see he's learning to know Brandi and was getting pissed off with her stupid comments. I DO believe she needs an intervention but obviously it's not my job and I won't make it my charity. Her "Dream Team" should demonstrate to be true friends and act."


Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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