Raise your hand if you're looking forward to season four of Couples Therapy!

The new season brings reality TV stars Jon Gosselin, Farrah Abraham, and Taylor Armstrong to Dr. Jenn Berman's couch. Speaking to Sean Daly of TV Page, Dr. Jenn dished, "Each season has been special, but this season, I think, has really been my favorite so far."

Dr. Jenn said Jon surprised her the most, adding, "This was the first season where there were actually people on who I watched on TV. I had seen him on Jon & Kate Plus 8. I just didn’t think he was that verbal or in touch with his feelings. He came in and was so open and so insightful and so honest that he really surprised me."


Dr. Jenn went on to explain how Farrah ended up on Couples Therapy as a singleton.  You know, besides the fact that she's an insufferable witch who is disrespectful to everyone she knows, including her own family.  "What I can tell you – and I am a bit limited, legally, about what I am allowed to say – is that she signed on for the experience with a boyfriend whose name I cannot repeat," she said. "This person, the boyfriend, spoke at length with producers, did pre-interviews, had a plane ticket, the whole thing. He was flown in but he never showed up."

Basically,  we are supposed to believe that Farrah's sudden boyfriend of five months Brian Dawe signed on to do the show, but he never showed up. Yeah, NO. That was so clearly a publicity stunt which now makes a lot of sense. 

Dr. Jenn claimed Farrah showed up unaware that  "the boyfriend"  stood her up. "She was really genuinely distraught and confused — as were my staff and producers," she said. "I spent a lot of time trying to bring him back in. In the meantime, what I found was, this was a woman who desperately needed therapy. This was not an isolated incident. It was very much representative of her patterns with men. This was really an opportunity. I looked at this like, may this be her rock bottom with men. I think I can help her whether he comes or not. I thought it was really important to help her."

About the former Teen Mom star's therapy, Dr. Jenn shared, "I felt that she did such authentic therapy and this was a woman so in need of therapy that there was no question in my mind that we did great work. She has been through so much in her lifetime that it broke my heart. I actually have a lot of respect for her. I really do."  She added that viewers will see a "more human side" of Farrah on Couples Therapy. Forgive me for not holding my breath – all I expect to see is 50 Shades of Farrah's Ugly Cry Face.

Moving on, we learn that Taylor brought her personal assistant to Couples Therapy! "Last season, Joe Francis brought a butler," said Dr. Jenn. "So this one didn't faze me after Joe with the butler. But yes, she did bring an assistant to help her unpack and get organized.  He didn't stay.  I don't do therapy with assistants." 

About the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Dr. Jenn revealed, "Taylor is very raw. Her pain is very, very raw. Taylor had such great contributions and grew so much throughout the sessions – and so did John [Bluher]. I didn’t think that he was going to embrace therapy. I thought he was like the guy who was coming in to support his fiance. He is a businessman. He is super successful. He is not someone who is really familiar with therapy. And I think he really grew from it, too. I think it really helped their relationship a lot."

In conclusion,  Dr. Jenn teased,  "In the first episode I sit down with everyone and say, 'Look at the person next to you. Some of you will walk out of here more deeply in love than ever before — and others are going to realize after this experience that this is not the right person for you to be with.'  And that is exactly [what] happened this season."

Couples Therapy returns Thursday, January 2 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.



Photo Credit: VH1


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