Inside Source Claims Farrah Abraham Is “Extremely Hostile” On Couples Therapy

Farrah Abraham At Crazy Horse III

The new Couples Therapy cast was revealed earlier this week. Season four will feature Jon & Kate Plus 8's Jon Gosselin & Liz Janetta,  former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong & John Bluher,  rapper Ghostface Killah & Kelsey Nykole,  The Real L Word's Whitney Mixter & Sada Bettencourt, and former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham

Farrah will appear on Couples Therapy alone. No & for Farrah. 🙁  An inside source recalled, "Farrah was desperate to be on it last season, but since she couldn't get anyone to go on it with her, Catelynn and Tyler from Teen Mom were cast instead."

Despite the fact that Farrah wants us to believe she and Brian Dawe are an item, the source added, "Well, she still can't find anyone to go on the show with her so they are allowing her to appear solo! Basically they are going to bring people from her past – family, friends, ex-boyfriends – to help her understand why she can't make any of her relationships work and they fail." 


Filming with Dr. Jenn Berman has begun.  Farrah's parents, Michael and Debra, traveled to L.A. last week to give their contribution to the, um, project. 

"The show on VH1 will be the most amazing filming of Farrah.  She is working hard to improve herself for her child, herself, her family, friends, her business partners, and everyone she encounters," gushed Michael. "I am very proud of Farrah for the positive steps she has taken and hope the world will also see her improvements and efforts."

No word on who these "friends" and "ex-boyfriends" are – or if they have filmed. Brian, the supposed current boyfriend of six months, doesn't want anything to do with the show. Personally I hope to see Daniel Alvarez!


You want me to do what? 


Fine. I'll come to L.A. but NO boats!

Farrah tweeted,  "I've met a lot of doctors but Dr. Jenn Berman is the real deal."  Correction, Farrah: You've met a lot of plastic surgeons. Not quite the same thing as a psychotherapist. Dr. Jenn responded to Farrah, "Thank you for doing such amazing work with me. You stayed strong under very difficult circumstances." 

Isn't that sweet? Well, while Farrah and Dr. Jenn stroked each other's ego on Twitter, a source close to production told The Ashley that Farrah has been "extremely hostile" with Dr. Jenn and her parents. Adding, “Farrah was pretty defensive. She is going to look like an even bigger ass. She was kind of bitchy with the doctor.” 

Couples Therapy is slated to return in early 2014 – and we're so ready.  I've already started to stockpile the wine and popcorn. 😉 We're also really looking forward to the day Farrah starts to complain about her "personal and private" therapy sessions being leaked by VH1. Good times. 


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