Brandi Glanville Says We’ll See Joyce Giraud’s “True Colors” Soon; Accuses Her Of Having An Eating Disorder!


Brandi Glanville has had a rough season!

On this week's episode she got into it with Joyce Giraud at a dinner party and got accused of being from Planet Trash. Brandi also got caught saying "get me another drink before I murder a Puerto Rican."

Joyce has already called Brandi out for racist comments on previous episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, for which Brandi has apologized, but this isn't helping Brandi's case much in proving that she actually is sorry. 

Brandi is also incensed by Joyce's comments about weight and wonders if the former beauty queen may have an eating disorder. I'm sure Joyce will be in a tabloid denying this in 3…2…1… 

Anyway, let's see what Brandi has to say in her Bravo blog about the latest mashup! First she explains why she was frustrated that Joyce started speaking Spanish at Kyle Richard's fashion fitting. 


 "When we arrived to the fitting, Joyce and a friend were already there. I decide to be the bigger person and say hello and introduce her to my friends Jennifer and Etirsa," Brandi begins. "Jennifer and Joyce start immediately speaking Spanish, and, while I know it's not an actual secret language, I'm annoyed and almost feel like I want to pee on Jenny to mark my territory. I have no problem being cordial to someone I am not fond of for the sake of the situation."

As for Kyle's accusation that Brandi and Joyce are size 00 and should probably eat like a dozen cheeseburgers, Brandi says she's not that thin, guys. Joyce on the other hand… 

"I am in no way a size zero," Brandi insists. "Because I have a long torso, things sometimes fit me weird but I'm a Size 4 and very healthy." Isn't she the Del Taco queen? 

"It was interesting to me when Joyce said you can never be to thin to rich or to sexy. . .It seem to roll off of her tongue very easily without any prompting. This is almost the same saying as Joyce's opening tagline, which she's complained about. Hmm. Interesting. That's just like how adamant she was about not being able to swim — but now she says she actually can swim just not that well. Lie much?"

Brandi says this is just a snippet of things to come. "I think we will start to see some more of the former Miss Puerto Rico's true colors coming out," she warns.

"Joyce saying you never be too thin really bothered me, because in fact you can. Young women have enough problems with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, and then to have an ex-beauty queen perpetuate that one can never be to thin is just wrong."

Brandi adds, "I think that Joyce may have a problem. Maybe instead of focusing on what she thinks my issues are, she should take a closer look at herself and her own issues." 

Now, onto dinner party drama! Brandi says she did not want to attend Lisa Vanderpump's party (but "Lisa insisted it was important to her that I come, so I begrudgingly accepted"), and she did not know Joyce was on the guest list! 

"Joyce comes to dinner late and kisses everyone hello — completely snubbing me," Brandi recalls. "Then she also tells Mohammed [Hadid] he is the only reason she came. I can already tell this isn't going to be a fun dinner and really wished I had stayed home with my kids." 

"After Mohammed told Joyce that Lisa is the the most wonderful woman he's ever met in Beverly Hills (something I found odd, considering his fiancée was sitting next to him and the mother of his children across from him), we get into a fight," Brandi says.

"Joyce once again calls me a racist, bully, etc. etc. Even her husband joins in to gang up on me."  Personally I DID NOT think Michael was "ganging up" on Brandi, and I did not see him yelling. "Joyce's husband should not have involved himself in that way. He wasn't around for any of the issues. While a man should stick up for his wife — that should never involve yelling at another woman." 

"Did I really want to murder the ex-Miss Pureto Rico? No, but in my head, I was imagining knocking one of her fake teeth out in my head," Brandi writes.

"As Joyce was going on and on, she said something to me that really stands out. She said she knew why I brought one of my best friends (Etirsa) to Kyle's fitting. I honestly think that remark was the most racist remark ever," Brandi says.  "Although I made an insensitive, stereotypical joke, there is nothing racist about me."

Brandi also dismisses Joyce's claims that she is sensitive about her name because of childhood bullying. "I also want to add for my entire life I was teased about my name. I was called 'vodka' or 'gin,' asked if my mom was drunk when she named me, and even asked if I was a stripper and that was my stage name. Teased!!! Not bullied — and you know what I'm a stronger person for it." When Brandi was called "gin" I think that was the bartender asking about her next drink… 

Brandi also says her foul language is not her fault – she just cracks under pressure! "As Joyce and her husband continue to gang up on me, the f bomb starts flying out of my mouth, per usual when I lose my temper and am arguing with two people at once." 

"These people are exhausting and why is this grown ass man screaming at me? I'm frustrated and I start to get emotional. It's about time to go. All Joyce does is exaggerate EVERYTHING — just as you saw when she mimicked Lisa's hair flip. So lame!"

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