Does Rob Kardashian Have A Secret Son? Moving To Florida To Escape Kris Jenner!

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Recently the media has been all abuzz about Rob Kardashian moving to Miami. Rob is over the media machine that has become his family and has specifically had it with his pushy, over-bearing pimpmomager Kris Jenner, reportedly.

Rob feels like his family can’t see anything beyond the spotlight,” a source tells In Touch Weekly. “But he wants more for himself than fame.”

At the center of his frustration is Rob's struggle with his weight. He's been increasingly distant from family events even refusing to appear on the family Christmas card because of his weight.

Instead of supporting him as he got healthy, Rob feels his family tried to humiliate him on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and then use weight loss as a storyline and media ploy. 


"Kris tried to get him a weight-loss deal and pushed him to promote a hair-loss supplement,” a source claims, adding that Rob is prematurely balding. “He feels like the family abandoned him when he needed them most. For him, life is more than just a business deal.”

Rob has always felt in the shadows of his sisters and seemed at a loss for what to do with his life, but now more than ever, so he's headed to Florida! “He finally realized he needs to focus on himself and not do things the way his sisters do. He feels he needs a clean break." 

But is that the only reason? According to Starcasm Rob's hidden motivation to move to Miami is that he has a son that he's kept hidden from the world for years! 

There is a rumor that Rob is actually a father and is moving to Florida to be near his son, who lives there. 

First: A couple years ago Rob was having a twitter conversation with long-time family friend Nicole Richie when the subject of his son came up.

"Bout to take time today to see the ones whom I never see. Love God. Love family," Rob wrote. Nicole replied: "Like your son?" 

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Oh No They Didn't! who originally reported on this story claims they were later told Rob and Nicole were "joking." Except there is other mounting evidence!

In May Rob made a cryptic post on instagram, which he quickly deleted. “Shout to to God … Shout out Mom, shout out to my son’s mom cuz she been holding me down sincehigh school n shout out to my son Robert the Third. lol.” Rob's son is reportedly the result of a fling he had years ago. 

When Kris found out, she quickly had her and the situation whisked out of the spotlight fearing it wouldn't sync with the family brand. “For whatever reason, Kris is fearful that Rob being a father could hurt the [Kardashian] brand.”

Another theory is that Rob and/or the child's mother opted to keep their son out of the spotlight for obvious reasons. “There’s a good chance that the child’s mother wants nothing to do with the fame, and that’s why she’s staying so hush," an insider speculates

Rob has been thrust into a couple higher profile relationships in the meantime, most notably with Rita Ora. After they broke up, amid allegations that she cheated numerous, times Rob gained a considerable amount of weight and was seen going to family therapy on KUWTK to work out some serious anger issues he has with his mom and Kim – particularly that he was always forced to acquiesce to what they want and doesn't feel supported in living his own life. 

The most recent evidence alluding to Rob's secret son is that during a party at his apartment he had a teddy bear on his bed which he was was "a present for his son." 

“The possibility that Rob may have a child has been the buzz in the Kardashian circle for a while, but no one knows for sure. And no one will talk about it," an insider tells Radar Online. 

With Rob's plans to relocate to Florida, “Kris may not be able to ignore the buzz about him being a father any longer!”

But think of the PR this could jennerate Kris, just think! 

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