Part of me feels sorry for Dr. Jenn Berman because it seems she bit off more than she can chew with her "celebrity" "clients" this season. Meaning some of these so-called celebrities are actual messes who need like for-real therapy and not the made for TV Couples Therapy kind. 

In her blog for the latest episode, Dr. Jenn discusses Taylor Armstrong's ridiculous whiny-baby-boo-boo meltdown (which she blames on Camille Grammer's abuse and a family problem) and why Farrah Abraham is hated by humanity. 

First of all, Dr. Jenn insists that although Taylor's behavior was terrible it ended up having some positives.  

"When they went bowling, unfortunately things got a little out of control, which was unexpected and hasn’t happened before. In a certain way it was unfortunate but it ended up giving me really important material to work with in therapy because I got to see a side of Taylor in particular that was really important for me to see and to address. You’ll see the therapy that resulted out of this in episode three and it was really a huge breakthrough."


"You will see me address it in episode three, but I got a call from Gabrielle Moore, who is my counselor and who is, besides being a great therapist, one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet. She is so kind and thoughtful and Taylor treated her very poorly, she was doing the best she could," Dr. Jenn says adding that she later spoke to Taylor on the phone.

Did these people NOT watch RHOBH prior to admitting Taylor

Of course Taylor's behavior did more than make her look bad, it isolated her housemates. "I think everybody was shocked by it. It was a very dark side of Taylor that affected the way they felt until the next therapy session where I got to the bottom of what was really going on."

Now onto two famewhores who are competing for title of the most unhinged: Farrah vs. Taylor

"I think that Taylor saw a lot of herself in Farrah," said Dr. Jenn throwing some shade. Taylor "talked about that a couple times in group, in that Farrah talked in the group about her relationship with men and being mistreated and I think Taylor really identified with her and there were times where Taylor, over the course of our work together, said 'I really identify with you and I remember what it’s like to be 22 and I’m afraid of you having some of the same patterns that I have and I hope that doesn’t happen for you.'" 

Unfortunately Farrah thinks she's above and beyond everyone and didn't like being compared to her future self. "I think that kind of pushed Farrah’s buttons. And I think Farrah pushed a lot of Taylor’s buttons and it created a lot of tension."

As for why Farrah annoyed everyone at the bowling alley by ordering first and by existing, Dr. Jenn admits she doesn't know what set the group off, except for the fact that it was you know, Farrah's presence.

"I think that in general Farrah pushes people’s buttons and it’s how Farrah can come across, kind of bristly and kind of defended, and sometimes she doesn’t realize how she comes off when she’s talking about her accomplishments and it can be very off-putting." Not understanding the definition of the word "trilogy" is an accomplishment now?

Dr. Jenn acknowledges that Farrah's behavior and personality of course extends beyond the show. "The experiences at Couples Therapy are a microcosm of how all of these celebrities function in the world and with Farrah, she is not someone with a circle of close, trusted friends and I think that we’re seeing why. What it is with her dynamic with people that keeps her from having close, connected relationships." Um… I don't need to be a therapist to answer that, but let's start with her pathological lying. 

And finally, Dr. Jenn reacts to Kelsey and Ghostface's serious issues.

Reacting to Kelsey's past abuse and how she resorted to stripping: "Here is this woman who’s talking about her boyfriend attempting to kill her and throw her over a balcony in front of her own child and she has shown herself to be incredibly string, incredibly brave and a real survivor, and what he focuses on is that she was a stripper and how it will reflect on him rather that wow, you’ve been through so much, I had no idea. He made it about him and he felt humiliated by this information about her past. But I think as you learn more about his history, you’ll understand him better."

Also, an interesting point: Dr. Jenn discusses why alcohol is permitted in the house this season and states, "Before everyone comes to the house they go through a psych eval and in the first two seasons, it was determined that a couple of people had substance abuse issues and as a result we were not allowed to have alcohol in the house."

"During season three we did allow it in the house and it wasn’t a problem. Nobody drank excessively and it was not a problem. This season we did the same thing. It was allowed because everyone passed their evaluations."

Nobody had a problem, eh? Did they conveniently forget about Farrah's DUI and rehab stint for alcohol abuse? What about Taylor's "issues" on RHOBH? Maybe only trusty reality TV bloggers remember all the dirty details. 

Well, Dr. Jenn… ummm…Farrah and Taylor are definitely making you work for that 15 minutes. I wouldn't wish those two on my worst enemies, so good luck! 

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