Love & Hip Hop Recap: From Payless To Red Bottoms

love hip hop joe proposal

Well, well, well, it looks like some people are getting a bigger story line on Love & Hip Hop. Peter Gunz has decided to step aside for an episode and let other people take the lead. 

Tara Wallace is all about doing her (and probably Peter when he calls) these days to get over her break-up. She's ambushed by K. Michelle and Yandy Smith. Her friends want to give her a sexed up makeover, and she's completely onboard with the transformation, especially since she has a date with the actor she met at Yandy's casting call. It's settled, dirty Heidi Klum it is! The blonde wig is working for her (kind of?), but poor girl can't twerk to save her life. 

Rich Dollaz is tired of the constant ups and downs with Erica Mena. He decides to seek the advice of his mom since she's been along for the ride since he started hooking up/working with Erica. Rich's mom urges him to stay focus and keep things professional. He's preparing to go to a modeling show, and he feels guilty because he's gotten all his contacts from Erica. While Rich's mother thinks Erica is sweet and beautiful, but she isn't completely irresistible. Rich needs to keep it in his pants, but it's hard for this self-described "creep." 


Rashidah Ali is meeting with Tahiry Jose to catch up on some bridesmaid duties, but all Tahiry wants to talk about is her on-and-off relationship with Joe Budden. Tahiry is upset with Joe for posting sexy pictures of other women on Twitter. Rashidah reminds Tahiry that she herself posts sexy pictures of her ass all over the Internet. Rashidah wants to help her friend see that she has attention seeking issues and daddy issues, and she wants Rashidah to see that she can rise above the immaturity. As the women scream at each other, I doubt either of them could rise above a sixth grade mentality…and I'm sorry to any sixth graders I may have offended with that comment!

Rich is booking a model to sign to his new agency Dollaz Unlimited Models. Jessica is Erica 2.0, and Rich may or may not have met her a few times in Orlando. He likes her "assets." Rich reveals that he feels himself slipping back into his old ways…he is more than ready to dip his pen in the company ink. 

Because Tara's date is a twin, she enlists K. Michelle to join her for a double date. Tara plans for the foursome to do a stunt class. Do what? K, Michelle did not sign up for this! She was expecting liquor and strip poker. Did someone say "strip"? K. manages to talk her date into jumping onto the mats shirtless. She's so impressed with his chest, she can't wait to see what his sausage looks like. I wish I was making this up, but sadly I'm not. Tara is having fun with the stunts, but K. Michelle purely observes. Overall, Tara believes the date was a success, and she and her twin seal it with a kiss. 

love hip hop tara date

Peter has been thinking long and hard about his fight with Rich. He comes to the realization that he's made his own mistakes with women (you don't say!), so he can't fault Rich for doing the same. While Peter doesn't like Erica, he should have been the bigger person. He apologizes to Rich, and Rich invites him to the launch party of Dollaz Unlimited Models. Even though he's worried that Yandy and Tara will be at the party, Peter agrees to deejay the shindig. Across town, Professor Budden is hoping to make peace with Tahiry's sister Lexie with whom he's had a rough relationship. He wants to prove to her that he's worthy of her sister's friend. Lexie is all "are you insane?" and I tend to agree. He smoothly works his professorial magic, but Lexie isn't buying his soul searching promises. Shockingly, Joe seems to win over Lexie, and she promises not to tell her sister his plan. A very satisfied Joe sits back and keeps smoking his hookah. Yep, sounds about right!

At the modeling launch party, Peter hits the deejay booth while Rich parades around with Jessica. Tara decides to bring her new man to the party, but she's hoping that Peter won't be there. She needs a drama free night. No worries, Tara, I doubt he'd recognize you in your long blonde wig and white baby onesie. Seriously, what the hell is she wearing? She looks like an extra in some futuristic rap video. Someone call Kanye! Yandy shares the news that Peter is working the party, and Tara laughs a little too loudly while staring at her ex. Peter pretends like he doesn't see her…it's not the time for him to approach her. When Erica learns of Rich's new modeling venture, she's pissed that her invite got lost in the mail. She crashes the party and sweetly makes Rich feel as uncomfortable as possible while Jessica is draped over him. Erica pisses on her territory and slinks away. Rich follows and asks her for a kiss. Jessica interrupts their alone time, and Erica urges Rich to train his side chick to be more respectful. Drinks are thrown. Shocking, I know. Erica can't believe Jessica's gall. Did Rich take out an Erica Mena wannabe ad on Craigslist? Erica hopes that one day Jessica will trade in her payless shoes for red bottoms. Best line of the night, hands down.

love hip hop erica rich jessica fight

Yandy is meeting with Rich to discuss their label. She wants to search for talent outside of New York (another spin-off, perhaps?). Before they can get into any planning, Yandy wants to make sure that her partner will leave his messy personal life at the door. He explains that after seeing how strong Erica's feeling are for him, he's decided to man up and commit himself entirely to Erica. Meanwhile, Joe is looking to make the ultimate commitment. He has a jeweler bring him some potential engagement rings, and he invites Lexie over to help him make the final selection. Lexie reminds the Professor that he needs to go big for the proposal. He's got something in the works, but it's top secret. 

love hip hop joe ring

After their craziness at the launch party, Rich takes Erica out to tell her about his revelation. He wants to give her what she wants, although he isn't saying they need to get married tomorrow or anything, but…Erica acts like he just came out of left field. She's been over him since the party. Rich is totally befuddled, and he decides to flip a switch. He's cold and professional as he leaves her at the table with a promise to quickly finish her album. Joe is ready to make a promise to Tahiry…the promise of forever. He is surprising Tahiry with an epic proposal in Time Square. He calls her and and tells her to look up at the big screen. He's got quite the video airing. Peter should have asked him for help with his piddly slide show! I can't believe it, I'm getting teary as Joe approaches Tahiry…until I realize he's chewing gum. Thanks for bringing me back to reality, Joe!


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