Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump Explains Her Absence At Kim Richards’ Party

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - Season 4

You have to love Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump. She can throw shade with the best of them and still sound classy to boot. For example, in her Bravo blog this week she touts her extensive charity work while subtly scolding Kim Richards for calling her a liar for saying she couldn't attend her daughter's graduation because she was out of town. She also schools her Emily Post style. As for Brandi Glanville's behavior towards Joyce Giraud? Lisa couldn't be more appalled, but it's so understated, it's like the perfect strand of pearls. 

Lisa begins by talking about traveling to St. Louis for her volunteer work–and Giggy's!–to reveal why she wasn't able to make Kimberly's graduation shindig. She writes, "Now Giggy is a personality in his own right, so I needed a charity that would fit his profile — and children with alopecia was a perfect match. Now can I compare Giggy's hair loss with that of a child's? Of course not, but I knew that Giggy could make a difference, bring some levity to what otherwise can be a somber affair. When Giggy appears and we talk with the children and teenagers — many of whom watch him every week, many had just seen him on Dancing With the Stars — the message is clear. Should alopecia stop you being the very best you can be? We asked the children if they thought he would be cuter with his fur. They unanimously answered no he was perfect, so then I gently remind them that is the way people feel about them."


Lisa explains, "I arrived back after leaving St. Louis that afternoon and stopped off rather late to check on SUR my business — which on a Saturday night is at its busiest. We had something to eat and went home exhausted from marching and traveling…Then suddenly I am questioned by Kim. It was a few days later and it took me by surprise." Who hasn't opted out of a night out after a long or busy week/weekend of travel? 

Continuing, Lisa shares, "Apparently Kim's hairdresser told Kim she saw me and that's what transpired. I had said we were out of town, and I sent her a Tiffany pen as a gift, of which we never even had an acknowledgement, let alone a thank you letter almost as if [we] were penalized for not being present." No thank you note? Seriously? That's like Manners 101!

It sounds as if Lisa has had enough. I think she's grown exhausted of her co-stars' behavior. She questions, "Doesn't social etiquette allow you to politely refuse an invitation and inform the host that you have prior plans? Without being confronted and accused of lying? I don't know, I give up I really do. Ken then said there many events Kim hadn't shown up for, true, I have heard an endless litany of excuses over the years — even having an empty seat at my daughter's wedding where she was a no show. But that's not really the point, if anybody informs me prior that they can't attend, then that's good enough for me."

Surprisingly, Lisa barely touches on the drama between Joyce and Brandi, but her message is loud and clear. She concludes, "Anyway I encouraged Kyle [Richards] not to get involved with Joyce and Brandi, I actually preferred not to even listen at that point. It had all been too complicated, and it was preferable to give this conversation a wide berth. I cannot even fathom how another woman can use the terminology 'I would knock your f—in teeth out,' but there you have it." 

It's clear that someone is no longer Team Brandi. I honestly think that Lisa always had the best intentions in her friendship with Brandi, and she's just realizing how badly she's been burned!


[Photo Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo]