Love & Hip Hop Recap: All’s Well That Ends With A Nick Cannon Cameo

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It's going down I'm yelling "timber!" on Love & Hip Hop as of late. Thankfully, last night marked the end of an extra long season, and man, was it messy!  It begins with Erica Mena and Cyn shopping for Cyn's pooch and rehashing Rich Dollaz' bad behavior at Erica's book launch. Why can't they all just get along, whines Erica…she just wants Rich and Cyn to be able to be cordial. While Cyn still finds "Bitch Dollaz to be corny as hell" (love it!), she agrees to play nice if he will. Meanwhile, Tara Wallace and Yandy Smith are shopping, and can I say how wonderful Yandy's hair looks? The bob is so sleek. Tara shares Peter Gunz' visit, and she's ready to move on after his apology. Yandy surprises her friend by offering her a role in her new movie.

Rich and Peter are meeting for dinner so that Rich can boo hoo about Erica and Cyn. He reveals that he and Erica have been doing the hippity dippity for the past week and making up for lost time. If Cyn runs her mouth to Rich at Erica's showcase, he has major plans to spill that little secret. He's so klassy. Peter knows that the Erica's show is going to be big…she's got quite a following, even if they are ratchet. 

What the hell? Why is Nick Cannon making a cameo? Does he owe Mona money? Peter is seeking advice from Mr. Mariah Carey about his love triangle with Amina and Tara. Nick gives good advice, but I still feel badly that he had to make an appearance on this circus. Isn't Peter old enough to be his dad?


Erica Jean is moving in with Saigon, and things are going very smoothly. In the first five minutes, Saigon knows that it's going to be an adjustment sharing a bathroom with Erica, and he hopes she'll have the courtesy to fumigate if things get nasty up in there. He also inquires as to how open she is to threesomes in the event he wants to bring home some pretty young thing. Oh, Brian!  You're so funny!

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It's the night of Erica's showcase, and Rashidah Ali has swapped out her Ronald McDonald weave for a canary yellow situation. Tahiry Jose is hoping the friends can squash their beef, and she can move forward as a doting bridesmaid. This should be good! Gracious, the lighting in this club is atrocious! Tahiry apologizes for being so wrapped up in her own drama, but she takes an issue with her friend talking smack about her vixen videos. Tahiry calls Rashidah fat, and Rashidah retaliates by calling Tahiry a whore and a drug addict. She wanted to teach Tahiry how to drive a BWM, not some busted jeep. These insults are amazing. I need to remember them the next time I get into a knock-down-drag-out with my bestie.

After her tiff with Tahiry, Rashidah joins Rich in the VIP section (at least I think that's what it's supposed to be). Cyn has been backstage with a nervous Erica, but she air kisses Rich and makes small talk with Rashidah until Erica's performance begins. I've got to hand it to Erica, she can lip sync with the best of them. She never stops moving her lips. Rashidah goes to get shots for the crew, and Rich starts getting testy talking about being Erica's manager. He tells Cyn that if Erica decides to have relations with him, he can't do much about it. Cyn wants to know why Rich is talking about sex with Erica. He is such a stand-up guy, and he's so proud of himself. Cyn storms backstage to confront Erica. Cyn yells at Erica and wonders why Rich always goes out of his way to bring negative drama to her events. As Erica storms off, Rich yells across the club that she needs to stop f**cking him. I am not sure what Erica's comeback is because it's almost entirely bleeped out, but it warrants cheers from the patrons. Rich then goes after Cyn and is screaming and being so aggressive that he has to be held back. Yeah, you look like a tough little boy, Rich, trying to come at a lady woman. Cyn is carried out, and Erica does what she does best–throws things. Has she considered professional softball? 

Rich-In-Cyns-Face-love hip hop

After the stellar advice he's received from Nick Cannon, Peter is meeting with Amina Buddafly. He apologizes for not starting their marriage out on the right foot. He puts the her wedding band on her hand, and promises to try to be a better husband. How can she not take him back? What could go wrong? Did she really just ask that? Oh, honey…let me count the ways! Across town, Yandy is scouting venues to hold a charity event when she gets a phone call from Mendeecees. He's still in jail, of course. Yandy feels like her life is moving forward, but her relationship with Mendeecees is at a stand still. Regardless, she will wait for as long as it takes. Mendeecees misses his boys, and Yandy assures him that he's still the biggest superstar in Little Medicine's life. 

In hopes of mending fences, Erica shows up at the gentlemen's club where Cyn works. Erica promises that she didn't get busy with Rich, but no one really believes her. Erica is so tired of fighting, and Cyn is so tired of playing nice. There is more yelling (from Cyn) and begging (from Erica). At least their acting skills are getting better…although, given this is the last episode of the season, it's too little too late. 

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Tara and Yandy head into the studio to say good-bye to K. Michelle before she goes on tour. They are so proud of their friend's album, and VH1 clearly promised K. Michelle at least thirty seconds of screen time an episode. The ladies chat about raising boys to be good men instead of overgrown boys. Yandy, Tahiry, Erica, Erica Jean, Amina, Tara, and K. Michelle wrap up their faux story lines words of wisdom and promises of strength and future growth. Geez, that was a long season, but I'm already gearing up for next week's reunion! 


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