Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition Season Premiere Episode Recap: It Ain’t All Gucci

Last night was the season premiere of Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition. This is one of my favorite shows, especially the reality stars franchise. I can’t wait to see some of the most controversial reality stars in hip hop all in one house! This is going to be a recipe for disaster, but I am here for it!

First, Waka Flocka and his wife of four years, Tammy Rivera, arrive at the house. Shortly after,  Lil Mo and her husband, Karl Dargan show up. Lil Mo has a lot of trust issues due to the infidelity and lies that have plagued their marriage. Next, Tiffany Campbell, Lil Fizz’s (AKA Drew) ex, arrives all alone. She claims they broke up two months ago and she feels he runs from their issues. After, Jessica Dime and Shawne Williams arrive at the house together next. Shawne feels like despite being engaged for two years, there are changes that need to be made before he is willing to walk down the aisle.

Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition Season Premiere Episode Recap: It Ain’t All Gucci

Everyone enters the house to find a space that looks like a VIP section of a club with the brand names of the alcohol changed to describe them. Finally, Lil Fizz shows up to meet his ex. She is elated that she hasn’t been stood up at Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition. There is a weird vibe between them that everyone can see.

Lastly, Soulja Boy and Nia Riley arrive. It is apparent they have a ton of issues to work out. One of the main issues is Soulja Boy’s habit of sharing their business and being disrespectful on social media.  Just as the couples are drinking and enjoying some conversation, a curtain is lifted. Then, the therapists and Judge Lynn Toler are revealed.

Lil Mo & Karl


Judge Toler calls Lil Mo and Karl to her bench. Lil Mo is at her wits end with all of his lies. She feels she does so much for him. A secret video is played where Lil Mo talks about how her husband is known as just her husband. The judge thinks that one of their issues is respect as well. The judge allows some of their peers to convey their thoughts where they are divided by who is in the wrong.

Nia & Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy wants to get to a good place in his relationship. Nia reveals that she feels trapped in the house. This is because he doesn’t like her going out without him. She gets very emotional speaking about some of the comments he has made on social media about her when they were on the rocks. Soulja Boy gets agitated when asked why he hasn’t apologized. He claims he has several times. Given how emotional Nia is, I doubt that. The judge points out that they have some serious communication issues. He doesn’t seem to take her seriously because he is constantly laughing and smiling.

Lil Fizz & Tiffany


Lil Fizz wants to get married, but he is not sure if Tiffany is that woman. Tammy interjects that if he doesn’t want a serious relationship, he should stop wasting her time. In my opinion, these two just needed a check. There is absolutely no chemistry between them at all.

Jessica & Shawne

Jessica-and Shawne

Shawne has a problem with Jessica not being classy. He thinks she is a former stripper, but that doesn’t mean she should still act that way. They both agree they both want to eventually get married and be happy. I’m sorry, but I highly doubt that you thought a ring would automatically change her personality and demeanor.  If he did think that, he is nuts!

Waka Flocka & Tammy


Waka Flocka admits he has been unfaithful in his marriage. Now, they have trust issues. Tammy feels like he should stop putting himself in certain situations. I’m sorry but Waka Flocka has more cheating allegations than he has hit songs. I really hope he is serious about being a better man.

There seems to be a common theme of infidelity, jealousy and communication issues among the couples in the house. The group is given plaques by the therapists, but the catch is they must decide which plaque applies to what couple. The women decide to take the lead and figure it out. It’s now time for everyone to see their bedroom for the next two weeks.

In true Marriage Boot Camp fashion, the rooms are designed to push them out of their comfort zone. This space is definitely going to antagonize each participant and bring each of their problems to light. Poor Nia, she is literally sleeping in a cage. Then, there’s Jessica and Shawne, who are sleeping in wedding planning hell. The other two rooms are not as bad in comparison.

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Dr. Ish and Dr. V go to each of the couples rooms and give them insight into why they were chosen for them. At this point, I want Nia and Soulja Boy to break up. He is a rich brat who takes his girlfriend for granted. She literally cries and he sits there unaffected. I can’t wait to see how the group reacts to the drills and when the real counseling begins.



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