Farrah Abraham Gave Her Permission For Backdoor Teen Mom Sequel; Farrah Says Taylor Armstrong Is Jealous Of Her


The drama never ends with Farrah Abraham.  Does she ever come up for air? Last week, the Teen Mom hellion turned porn star turned Couples Therapy drama queen claimed abuse/rape and threw a new pack of lies at us when Vivid announced its plan to drop a sequel to Backdoor Teen Mom later this week. 

Farrah boohooed about not giving Vivid permission to release the new footage of her very private homemade sex tape porn film with her boyfriend a porn star, James Deen. In case there was any doubt, Farrah lied and TMZ has a screen shot of an email to prove she gave Vivid the OK to release video or video(s).

Also last week,  Taylor Armstrong bashed Farrah on Couples Therapy,  so we have to endure another exchange between these two puffy lipped liar faces. Taylor called Farrah a f–king rat, among other things, and now Farrah thinks Taylor is jealous of her.  Because, on Planet Famewhore, this makes sense.


Farrah hinted towards Taylor being jealous of her,  adding,  "I've just moved on from it, so anything that I hear out of her mouth, I just don’t even take seriously, and I just look at the bigger picture of things.  And that’s how I would rather be. I’d rather not be the person who is falsely judging, who is making up things, and who is [messing with] somebody else’s life.”

Wait, what?  Farrah doesn't want to be making up things?  BWAHAHA!  That ship sailed, hit an iceberg, and sank to the bottom of the ocean already.

Farrah continued,  "I'm very happy for Taylor … being a woman who has gone through a loss like myself has and being a mother and finding somebody that she would like to put her trust in and get married to.  So, on a very real and mature note, I'm very happy for what I see of Taylor and all the prospects of her future. I just hope that she continues her therapy and her progress." 

Is Farrah some kind of expert on therapy now?  Girl needs to stop talking.


Photo Credit: Instagram