Farrah Abraham Has A Second Sex Tape Coming Out; Will Be Released Next Week!

Farrah Abraham Vivid Cabaret LA Launch Grand Opening Party

Farrah Abraham is a whole host of crazy that I don't think anyone is psychiatrist-y enough to fix!

On this week's Couples Therapy Farrah revealed that she liked signed some stuff – a huge contract of stuff, but legally she couldn't reveal what it is. She did claim to regret signing her name on the dotted line, however. 

This week Farrah also claimed that her parents abused her and in the past she has been drugged and raped. Oh dear. Are all of Farrah's reveals a publicity stunt? Because Fishwrapper just learned that Farrah now has a second sex tape due to be released next week!

Yes – there will be two more on-camera romps starring Farrah and James Deen! And they just get racier and racier. Eeks. Vivid execs reveal exclusively that Farrah partakes in "fantasy fetish swings as foreplay" in one tape.


“We have learned there isn’t anything shy about Farrah. She repeatedly tells the media she's not a porn star, but she sure acts like one both on and off the screen," Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch reveals. 

Vivid has no interest in marketing Farrah's other films as sex tapes, but as a real deal adult films. I guess they realized the kitty was out of the bag and no one believed for a second that Farrah and James were a couple that had an accidental sex tape spill. 

Farrah's new tape, yet untitled, drops the day before Valentine's Day so if you're alone on that blessed holiday she can keep you company. Vivid predicts this one will gross double what Backdoor Teen Mom did. 

Hmmm… something tells me Farrah's behavior on Couples Therapy and the recent rape reveal means she has something up her sleeve. Like she's going to try and play it like Vivid tricked her or took advantage of her somehow. 

I wonder what Dr. Jenn will have to say about all of this!

[Photo Credit: Ryan/WENN.com]