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Here's some news that's totally going to shock you…the Kardashians are pillars of the truth. Shocking, I know. I should have told you to sit down for that!  Here's something else: it seems that Kris Jenner and her pals over at TMZ have had somewhat of a falling out recently. Why do I say this? The site, which once was all about some Kartrashian promotion and positive spin doesn't seem to be cow-towing to ol' Kris.

Oh, and guess what? The family isn't going away any time soon. Kim Kardashian has promised up and down that this will be the final season of Keeping up with the Kardashians. The show was renewed by E! for three seasons back in 2012 for over $40 million. However, it seems that they just don't know how to live their lives off the small screen because they have plans to return. Again. But this time without Bruce Jenner. Lucky us.


According to TMZ, Kris is at the helm to negotiate an eleventh season and then some, and sources are claiming the deal will be even more lucrative than the last. Insiders are also revealing that a "fatigued" Bruce has no plans to continue on with the brain sucking vapidness…and why should he? He's busy, um, doing other things, like shaving some bulk off his Adam's apple.  

While I'm sure Kris will miss her verbal punching bag, the show can and will go on without him. Says a production insider, "It is a HUGE show." (Have they seen the viewer numbers lately?)

The same site is reporting that Bruce will spend his time with his kids (off camera, of course) and focus on building a stronger relationship with his sons. He'll also be riding motorcycles, playing golf, and flying his little planes. As it stands now, Bruce only films when absolutely necessary, and he tries to shoot all of his scenes at his new digs in Malibu. No more Calabasas for Bruce!

Kris is denying these reports, recently telling Entertainment Tonight that "We film together every day. Bruce had a speech on [the] east coast, so he was gone for 24 hours…We started filming season 10 in January, including Bruce." Well, okay, Kris. We get it. He's present and accounted for this season…but what about going forward? 

TMZ then called out E!, updating their story to read:  "E! is quoting Bruce as saying the story that he's leaving the show is fabricated.  We can tell you … Bruce WILL NOT be part of the show after this season … period."  

Who to believe, who to believe? Kris or Harvey



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