What Is The Status Of Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena And Rich Dollaz? Are She And Cyn Getting A Spin-Off?

erica mena

Leave it to Love & Hip Hop's Erica Mena to say something so foul that even I am offended, and I am not easily offended at all. You can't watch what I have to watch and get grossed out easily, right? 😉 As you know, Erica's story line was her new lesbian relationship with Cyn Santana and the resulting love triangle with former beau and sometimes manager Rich Dollaz.

After a volatile season and reunion, even Cyn seemed convinced that Erica was still head over heels in love with Rich. Of course, after lots of screaming and Rich acting like b*tch (seriously dude, just be a gentleman), Erica swore up and down that her feelings were gone. He had hurt her one time too many and only seemed to want her when he couldn't have her. I mean, he did, but she still had a girlfriend.  Y'all know. Like me, no matter how insane it gets, you can't get enough of it. I blame Mona Scott Young!


In a recent interview with Sister2Sister, Erica dishes on the status of her relationship now, and how the fans reacted to her loving a lady. She even teases the possibility of a spin-off, although I think it's not much more than a tease. Check it out below!

How do you think you were portrayed this season?

It is what it is. They show you the best of what happened. I don’t pay attention to how I look, how I’m portrayed. People got a good sense of how I love and who I am in my relationships. I don’t think people really got to see the good side of me and Rich’s relationship like they do with me and Cyn.

What did people miss out on in terms of you and Rich?

He’s definitely a b!tc#, but he has some non- b!tc# tendencies. He actually could be a man if he wanted to.

You and Cyn Santana have been getting a lot of love. Has there been any homophobic backlash?

No, because we’re both two attractive females. What society is used to is us being against each other. The fact that we’re with each other…it makes people question us because it’s not something that’s common. We deal with a lot of people who are in doubt about what our relationship is, if it’s real or not. I can’t see myself playing into something just to keep America entertained. In time, people will start to accept it.  It’s not common for lipstick lesbians to be so into each other like we are and have each other’s back. It’s as real as it gets. For now, all we deal with is doubters. People are always going to be homophobic because it’s just something that people are still trying to accept. We’re going to always deal with that, but our main issue right now is that it’s just hard for people to believe, but it’s as real as it gets.

What’s your response to people who say your relationship is narcissistic since you two look somewhat like?

I don’t see it. I don’t see it at all. You are what you eat. I’ll just leave it at that.

Not too long ago, you tweeted that you and Cyn were getting a spin-off. Is that happening?

I asked what do you guys think to kind of see what the response would be. I was actually surprised. A lot of people who want us to have our own show than I actually thought. There’s nothing to confirm or deny right now. We’re gearing up for season 5 soon. We have to sit and wait and see how everything plays out.

Okay, do I even have to comment on that next to the last answer? Really, Erica? And don't get me started on her bull about not "playing into something just to keep America entertained" as that is what being a reality star is all about…isn't it? At least it is very, very entertaining!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]