Love & Hip Hop Reunion Recap: No Plan B

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So last night was the Love & Hip Hop reunion part duh deux. Let's hope that Mo'Nique can salvage what was a boring first half. Right off the bat, Mo'Nique warns everyone to keep their seats. She resumes her conversation with Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace, and Amina Buddafly. Mo'Nique questions whether Amina is worried she'll be Tara in ten years. Amina reveals that after a year of marriage, Amina already feels like Tara as Peter is up to his old tricks. We are treated to a highlight reel of the love triangle. I hope that Tara is as grossed out by her language regarding sexing up Peter as I am. Amina reveals that she will never allow herself to become Tara, Peter made her look like a fool, and Amina isn't going to put up with his shenanigans. The women are actually making some mature points, which is a plus. Erica Mena gives Amina a round of applause. 

Peter admits that if he'd known Tara had such strong feelings for him, he probably wouldn't have married Amina. He announces that he's too old to be acting like this, and he believes that both women deserve better. Peter needs to work on becoming a better person. Amina interrupts to remind the audience that she loves pulling surprises out of her bra (Mrs. Pansky's drivers' license anyone?) before throwing a positive pregnancy test at Peter. Yup, Urine. She says that unlike Tara, she didn't take the Plan B. Erica is beside herself. "Shiz just got real, y'all!" she yells as Peter storms off the stage. Erica goes to comfort Amina, while Tahiry Jose follows Peter, urging him to publicly apologize to Tara for humiliating her on national television. 


Mo'Nique wonders if Amina will stay married to Peter. Amina admits that she found out the news at the same time she decided to leave Peter, but she doesn't want to raise a baby alone. However, Peter's reaction totally solidified why they don't work together. Tara tells Amina that she feels very badly that Peter didn't hug her and get excited when he learned that she was having his baby. Mo'Nique gets word from backstage, that Peter is ready to return…but he will only speak to Tara. He's so classy. Even Rich Dollaz is shocked by his friend's behavior. Amina is sobbing backstage because she wants to hear what Peter has to say. He returns in sunglasses to tearfully apologize to Tara. He says he wants to be man enough to apologize to her in public since he humiliated her in public. He vows to remove himself from her life. Tara finds it incredibly sad that Peter ran from her household to an outlet, and now that outlet has become a household from which he will run. She finds him backstage and reminds him that his children depend on him. 

Tahiry and Rashidah Ali join Mo'Nique on the stage to rehash the demise of their friendship. I think VH1 managed to squeeze every last second of Rashidah's air time this season into the video montage. Why has Erica changed clothes again? Rashidah's necklace and shoes are very distracting. Rashidah starts out with an intelligent diatribe about Tahiry degrading herself and not evolving, but she quickly melts into threatening to beat down her friend. When Joe Budden jumps in to defend Tahiry, Rashidah threatens that she has someone waiting to take him out after the show…she isn't Consequence, she'll totally end Joe. Keep it classy, Rashidah! Before Rashidah can even stand up, there are four production assistants running interference. That was a very productive two minutes.

Saigon and Erica Jean's relationship is highlighted from him google diagnosing his son's speech issues to pocketbook throwing to couples' counseling. Erica Jean explains that she and Saigon planned the pregnancy even though they weren't in a relationship. She wanted a baby and knew full well what she was getting into, although she expected Saigon to support her during her pregnancy. He interrupts that she expected him to come to Lamaze classes with her when she lived all the way out in Queens.  The gall!  He reveals that he never saw Erica Jean pregnant and she banned him from seeing his son's birth. He's screaming at her to shut up, and he tells Mo'Nique he couldn't care less about his other baby mamas because they use his kids as pawns. One day, his kids will get to see how respectful he is to these women. Saigon keeps standing up and coming across the stage, yet no production assistants come bum rushing the stage.

Mo'Nique wonders how Saigon would feel if he saw his father treating his mother the way he is treating Erica Jean. He takes responsibility for his ugly words, but he's trying to break the cycle. Mo'Nique reminds him that he's been talking so disrespectfully in the last thirty seconds. He claims that Erica only knows how to respond to yelling. Someone really needs to take this douchebag to task. She hasn't even raised her voice. He announces a commercial break before spiking his water bottle (I bet it's not water!) and storming off the set. 

Yandy Smith and Rich join Mo'Nique and their business partnership gets a nice little montage about how messy their artist prospects are. Yandy wishes that she hadn't been so hard on Amina. Rich admits that he was hurt and pissed at some of the things that Yandy said to him throughout the season. He may be messy, but he's making the dollars like nobody's business. Mo raps a little ditty and Yandy tries to apologize to Rich with a high five. He still looks sullen. Because Erica needs to showcase this additional outfit, Mo'Nique makes us watch another reel about the Rich/Cyn/Erica triangle.  When asked if she will continue to work with Rich, Erica states that it's complicated. Cyn can support their business relationship, and she can give Rich sincere props for helping her career. However, Cyn isn't going to sit around and wait for Erica to figure out whether she still wants to be with Rich. A tearful Erica thanks Cyn for making her a better person. When questioned whether she's still in love with Rich, Erica hesitates while Cyn answers "yes" for her. Erica reveals that she has totally fallen out of love with Rich. 

As Mo'Nique brings everyone together to say good-night, Amina reveals that she's only known about the pregnancy for two days. She wanted to tell Peter at that point but she knew he'd ask her to keep it a secret. Two quick questions: Are there any men on this show who aren't total asshats? Where was K. Michelle


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